Emergency Medical Technician

Waubonsee offers the EMT-B course during the morning, afternoon, and evening at the Sugar Grove and Plano Campuses. In the course, emergency situations are simulated, with students playing the roles not only of the EMTs, but also the victims, bystanders, police officers and hospital personnel. Students then get a dose of the real thing during their 12 hours of required emergency room observation.

Waubonsee graduates are prepared for the required licensure exams, and for those EMT-Bs ready to move on, Delnor Community Hospital partners with Waubonsee to offer the EMT-P. 

Pass Rates

Waubonsee EMT-B students exceed state of IL certifcation pass rates.

2009 - 85.7% Pass Rate

2010 - 86.8% Pass Rate

2011 - 83.1% Pass Rate

2012 - 84.2% Pass Rate