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People's lives depend on the quick reaction and expertise of emergency medical technicians (EMTs). EMTs treat victims of automobile accidents, heart attacks, drownings, gunshots, and childbirth at the scene. Following strict guidelines, EMTs give appropriate emergency care and then transport the sick or injured to a medical facility. The specific responsibilities of the EMT depend on the level of qualification and training.
Associate in Applied Science Degrees:
Certificates of Achievement:
Professional Certification Opportunities:
  • Students who earn Waubonsee's EMT-B certificate are prepared to take either the state licensure examination, Emergency Medical Technician-Basic, or the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician examination through the Illinois Department of Public Health. Additional education and experience offer the EMT-B certificate-holder an opportunity for employment in a variety of occupations including EMT-Intermediate, EMT-Advanced and EMT-Paramedic.