Criminal Justice

Waubonsee offers a wide variety of criminal justice classes from the basic Introduction to Criminal Justice to Crime Scene Investigation in our CSI laboratory. Many Waubonsee graduates have gone on to distinguished careers in criminal justice, including Kendall County Sheriff Dwight Baird, Darien Police Chief Greg Thomas, Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman, Associate Judge Tim McCann of the 16th Circuit Court and Waubonsee Community College Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Patrick Rolison. 

Eligibility and Hiring 
Law enforcement agencies conduct a thorough background check on all job applicants, to include both their adult and juvenile records. It is highly unlikely that an agency will hire someone who has been convicted of a felony offense. Depending on the seriousness and circumstances of the crime, some agencies may hire applicants who have been convicted of a misdemeanor. Certain organizations have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to illegal drug use by applicants. 

Law enforcement agencies require that police officer candidates be U.S. citizens, usually between 20 and 35 years old, and meet rigorous physical and psychological standards. Examinations often include tests of vision, hearing, strength, agility and mental health. Hiring usually depends on competitive written examinations and previous education and experience.

Students should contact specific agencies for detailed hiring policies and procedures.