Marketing can be found across varying industries and is the driving force behind the countless products and services we consume daily. The success of any business venture is dependent upon the success of the marketing campaign, and no matter which career path you choose, marketing will likely be an integral part of day to day activities and operations.

Waubonsee's marketing program will prepare you to use your creativity and communication skills. Course topics include Internet marketing, consumer behavior, advertising and public relations, and new product development. Once you have completed a career degree or certificate, you will be able to develop and direct marketing plans and monitor data and key trends, while a transfer degree will prepare you to transfer to a four-year university. You are also encouraged to pursue an internship to gain both college credit and valuable on-the-job experience.

Extracurricular Opportunities
Waubonsee inducts high-achieving students into its chapter of the the Alpha Beta Gamma International Business Honor Society. Students are also welcome to join the Waubonsee Business Club, which provides members with opportunities to gain a better understanding of the business world and provide service to the community. Student memberships are also available for the American Marketing Association.