Industrial Technology

There are four areas of study within industrial technology (IDT). 

In addition, IDT courses can be taken to fulfill program requirements or electives requirements in many other career and technical education programs.

Industrial Technology
Waubonsee's degree and certificate programs in industrial technology prepare students for a variety of technician jobs in industrial and laboratory settings.  Students may choose electives from four areas of emphasis — electronic equipment, laboratory testing, machinery design, or product design. 

Industrial Maintenance
There is a popular misconception that the manufacturing industry does not provide good job opportunities and that most manufacturing plants are dirty places to work. To the contrary, there are many great jobs that pay well and offer excellent benefits. Today, most modern manufacturing plants provide extremely clean work environments. 

At the same time, many manufacturers report they are not able to find the skilled workers they need to replace retiring baby-boomers. A degree or certificate in industrial maintenance is a great way to secure one of those jobs. Our program prepares students for highly technical industrial positions, including maintenance mechanic, machine repair mechanic and fluid power technician.

Students learn by hands-on doing in our five IDT labs. Subjects include electrical circuits, motor controls, programmable logic controllers (PLCís), hydraulics, pneumatics and more. Courses are offered during the evening and on weekends. Not all courses are offered each semester, so students should plan their schedules in advance to be sure they graduate on time.

Our industrial maintenance curriculum is structured so students can build on prior course work and earn additional credentials. Upon earning the Intermediate Industrial Maintenance Certificate of Achievement, students can continue in one of two ways — with 15 hours of management related courses they can earn the Industrial Maintenance Management Certificate, or with 15 more technical credit hours these students can earn the Advanced Industrial Maintenance Certificate.

Computer Numerical Control (CNC)
Many manufacturers utilize CNC equipment, and many report that it is difficult for them to find qualified operators and setup people. Waubonsee has a program to help students secure these positions. With just three courses, students can earn the CNC Operator Certificate of Achievement

Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Machining (CAD/CAM)
There is also a 29-credit-hour Advanced CAD/CAM Certificate of Achievement that prepares students for positions such as 2-axis or 3-axis programmers and operators. Students earn this certificate by taking five CAD courses and five IDT courses.


Waubonsee is a proud member of the Illinois Network for Advanced Manufacturing (INAM).