Repairs / Donations

Vehicle Repairs

The Waubonsee Auto Body and Automotive Technology programs accept vehicles for repair or customization. Please download and complete a Request for Vehicle Repair form and submit it the Automotive Technology department. The following conditions apply:

  • Only work that complements class instruction will be accepted.
  • The college retains the right to refuse admittance of any vehicle/equipment.
  • No vehicle/equipment will be serviced or repaired if:

    1. an insurance claim has been filed or will be filed regarding said vehicle/equipment.
    2. the sole purpose of said repairs or service is for resale.
    3. the vehicle/equipment is associated with a business or profit making venture.
  • All parts and materials must be purchased by the owner.
  • Remove all personal items and materials that are not permanently mounted to the vehicle.
  • Proof of ownership must accompany this request.

    1. For vehicles, proof of ownership may be in the form of a photostatic copy of either the current vehicle registration or the vehicle title.
    2. For equipment, proof of ownership may be in the form of a photocopy of the bill of sale or a notarized statement attesting to ownership.

The institution will evaluate, prioritize and schedule requests.

Vehicle Donations

The Waubonsee Auto Body and Automotive Technology programs accept vehicle donations under the following conditions:

  • The vehicle is revelant to the automotive technology program and new enough to provide the student with meaningful, live workplace scenarios aligned with Waubonsee's problem-based automotive curriculum.
  • The vehicle is in operating condition and can be driven to campus.
  • The vehicle has a clear title which is in the name of the donor.
  • The donor is responsible for having the vehicle delivered to the college with the title.
  • No monetary value can be assigned to a donation by any college personnel.

If you would like the Auto Body department to consider your vehicle for donation, download the Donation Acceptance Form and submit it to Jim Armitage or Ken Kunz at (630) 466-7900 ext. 2331, or the dean of Business and Career Technologies. Completion of the form is no guarantee of acceptance.