Real Estate Managing Broker
Major Code: 168A

Certificate of Achievement

The Managing Broker license is required by anyone wishing to manage a real estate office. This certificate meets the Illinois Real Estate License Act of 2000 as amended in 2010 and meets the educational requirements to sit for the Managing Broker license. Candidates must complete 165 hours of required education and have two, out of the last three, years experience as a licensed salesperson or broker.

Course Requirements11

  • REL100 Real Estate Broker Pre-License5
  • REL105 Real Estate Broker Pre-License: Applied Principles1
  • REL115 Real Estate Broker Post-License1
  • REL116 Real Estate Broker Post-License: Applied Principles1
  • REL200 Real Estate Managing Broker Pre-License2
  • REL205 Real Estate Managing Broker Pre-License: Applied Management and Supervision1

Program Total11

Major course shown in color requires minimum grade of C.