Laboratory Technology
Major Code: 845A

Associate in Applied Science

The Laboratory Technology program prepares students for entry-level employment in a variety of non-medical laboratory settings. Through hands-on laboratory work, students gain valuable knowledge, skills and experience in laboratory techniques such as testing food flavors and environmental procedures.

General Education Requirements15

Major Program Requirements25

  • LBT100 Laboratory Safety or substitution with consent of instructor1
  • LBT101 Fundamentals of Laboratory Technology2
  • LBT221 Lab Applications of Microbiology4
  • LBT251 Lab Instruments I3
  • LBT252 Lab Instruments II3
  • LBT260 Environmental Labs2
  • LBT270 Food Analysis Labs2
  • LBT280 Current Issues in Chemical Labs2
  • CHM202 Biochemistry3
  • CIS110 Business Information Systems3


Select electives from the discipline and courses listed:

Disciplines: Biology (BIO), Chemistry (CHM), Earth Science (ESC), Physics (PHY), Spanish (SPN)

  • COM121 Communications in the Workplace3
  • ITS297 Internship1
  • ITS298 Internship2
  • ITS299 Internship3

Total Semester Hours for Degree60