Laboratory Technology
Major Code: 845A

Associate in Applied Science

The laboratory technology program prepares students for entry-level employment in a variety of laboratory settings. Through hands-on laboratory work, students gain valuable knowledge, skills and experience in laboratory techniques. The program prepares graduates for positions such as laboratory assistant, laboratory technician, quality control technician and process control technician. Jobs exist in a variety of industries including agriculture, consumer protection, environmental protection, food processing, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. This program is NOT intended for those seeking employment in a health care or clinical lab setting.

General Education Requirements15

Major Program Requirements42

  • CIS110 Business Information Systems or CIS112 Comprehensive Excel Spreadsheet3
  • BIO120 Principles of Biology I4
  • CHM100 and CHM101 or CHM121 Chemistry4
  • CHM102 Introduction to Organic Chemistry3
  • CHM103 Introduction to Organic Chemistry Laboratory1
  • CHM202 Introduction to Biochemistry3
  • LBT101 Introduction to Laboratory Technology3
  • LBT221 Applied Microbiology4
  • LBT251 Introduction to Analytical Chemistry4
  • LBT252 Introduction to Instrumental Analysis4
  • MTH107 Basic Statistics3
  • PHY103 Concepts of Physics3
  • PHY104 Concepts of Physics Laboratory1
  • LBT297 or LBT298 Internship 2


Select electives from the discipline and courses listed:

  • Any Chemistry course3
  • AMT100 Introduction to Manufacturing Automation Systems 2
  • BIO110 Environmental Biology3
  • BIO111 Environmental Biology Laboratory1
  • BIO122 Principles of Biology II4
  • BIO200 Nutrition3
  • BUS100 Introduction to Business3
  • CIS112 Comprehensive Excel Spreadsheet3
  • COM120 Interpersonal Communication3
  • COM121 Communication in the Workplace 3
  • CRJ201 Crime Scene Investigation Laboratory3
  • ELT101 Introductory Electronics4
  • LBT297 Laboratory Technology Internship1
  • LBT299 Laboratory Technology Internship 3

Total Semester Hours for Degree60

Major course shown in color requires minimum grade of C.