Major Code: 442B

Certificate of Achievement

This certificate will prepare the graduate to deliver a variety of exercise assessments, training, risk factor identification and lifestyle management services to healthy individuals and those individuals with or at risk for cardiovascular, metabolic or pulmonary diseases.

Course Requirements34 - 35

  • BIO260 Human Structure and Function4
  • HED100 Personal Wellness3
  • PED205 Scientific Foundations of Human Movement3
  • PED209 Introduction to Exercise Science/Sports Prof3
  • PED211 First Aid and Emergency Care3
  • PED234 Group Exercise Instruction2
  • PED236 Exercise for Special Populations3
  • PED237 Strength and Conditioning Principles3
  • PED238 Fitness Assessment and Exercise Programming3
  • PED239 Exercise and Sport Nutrition3
  • PED240 Business Management for the Fitness Professional3
  • ITS297 or ITS298 Internship1-2

Program Total34 - 35

Take the Certified Personal Trainer exam and the Certified Group Exercise Instructor exam through American College of Sports Medicine after completion of all courses.