Interpreter Training
Major Code: 662A

Certificate of Achievement

Students must successfully complete the sign language certificate before enrolling in the following courses to achieve the interpreter training certificate. Because sign language courses are prerequisites, this certificate will require two years for completion.

Course Requirements33

  • ITP200 Introduction to Interpreting +3
  • ITP210 Etymology for Interpreters +3
  • ITP211 Transliterating I +3
  • ITP212 Transliterating II +3
  • ITP221 Interpreting I +3
  • ITP222 Topics in Interpreting +3
  • ITP223 Interpreting II +3
  • ITP230 Specialized Areas of Interpreting +3
  • ITP231 Sign to Voice I +3
  • ITP232 Sign to Voice II +3
  • ITP290 The Interpreter as Practitioner +3

Program Total33

+ Program admission required for enrollment.