Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
Major Code: 804A

Certificate of Achievement

This certificate takes the student from the most basic through the most advanced courses in HVAC. Students completing the certificate are qualified to install and service residential as well as light commercial HVAC equipment.

Course Requirements29

  • HVA100 Electrical Principles 3
  • HVA110 Refrigeration Principles3
  • HVA120 HVACR Electrical Systems3
  • HVA130 Residential Comfort Systems3
  • HVA140 Basic Heating Systems3
  • HVA150 Basic Sheet Metal Fabrication and Print Reading3
  • HVA160 Refrigerant Transition and Certification1
  • HVA200 Sheet Metal Estimating, Fabrication and Installation3
  • HVA210 Advanced Heating and Cooling Systems3
  • HVA220 Advanced Heating/Cooling Systems Service and Maintenance3
  • MTT100 Safety Principles
    HVA170 Universal R-410A Safety and Training Certification1

Program Total29