Health Care Interpreting: English/Spanish
Major Code: 630B

Associate in Applied Science

Health care interpreting is an applied science degree that trains bilingual individuals to be interpreters in health care settings. This degree focuses on English/Spanish interpreting.

Structured written and oral screening tests are conducted to determine proficiency in both English and Spanish. Students must be 18 years of age or older at the time of assignment to a practicum site. Six credit hours of College Level Examination Program (CLEP) credits in Spanish may be applied to the degree as electives, and students are encouraged to earn this credit. CLEP testing is administered through the Center for Learning Assessment.

General Education Requirements16

Major Program Requirements36

  • COM125 Communication Strategies for Healthcare Careers2
  • HCI102 Survey of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Issues in Health Care Interpreting3
  • HCI105 Anatomy and Medical Procedures for Health Care Interpreting: English/Spanish3
  • HCI106 Introduction to Health Care Interpreting: English/Spanish3
  • HCI110 Health Care Interpreting: English/Spanish +2
  • HCI130 Mental Health Care Interpreting: English/Spanish +2
  • HCI150 Anatomical Terminology: English/Spanish +2
  • HCI175 Introduction to Medical Translation: English/Spanish3
  • HCI200 Simultaneous Health Care Interpreting: English/Spanish +3
  • HCI220 Approaches to Health Care in Hispanic Culture3
  • HCI275 Advanced Medical Translation: English/Spanish +3
  • HCI290 Health Care Interpreting Seminar and Field Experience +2
  • HIT135 Health Care Delivery Systems2
  • SPN205 Spanish for Native Speakers3


Select electives from any discipline. See Counseling for course guidance.

Total Semester Hours for Degree60

+ Program admission required for enrollment.