Computer Software Development
Major Code: 220D

Associate in Applied Science

This degree prepares students for computer programming occupations. A graduate from this program understands the concepts and principles involved in computer programming and is prepared to function in the business world as a programmer or programmer/analyst.

General Education Requirements15

CIS Core Program Requirements15

  • CIS110 Business Information Systems3
  • CIS115* Introduction to Programming3
  • CIS170 Networking Essentials3
  • CIS205 Information Technology Project Management3
  • WEB110 Web Development with HTML3

Major Program Requirements27

  • BUS100 Introduction to Business3
  • CIS116* Structured Program Design3
  • CIS180 Linux/UNIX Operating System3
  • CIS150 Java Programming3
  • CIS202 Data Management3
  • Two Languages - 1st and 2nd Semester (see options below)12
Language Options
Complete a first and second semester of two languages from the options listed.
  • Visual BASIC Language
    CIS120 VB.NET Programming3
  • CIS220 Advanced VB.NET, ASP.NET3
  • C++ Programming Language
    CIS130 C++ Programming3
  • CIS230 Advanced C++3
  • Java Language
    CIS 250 Advanced Java3
  • CIS252 Mobile Device Application Programming3
  • Web Language
    CIS142 JavaScript Programming3
  • CIS261 PHP Web Server Programming3


Select electives from: Computer Information Systems (CIS), World Wide Web (WEB), Geographic Information Systems courses - GEO130, GEO131, Internship (ITS)

Total Semester Hours for Degree60

* Students with limited exposure to computer concepts are encouraged to take CIS110 before taking CIS115 and CIS116.