Automotive Transmission and Driveline
Major Code: 717A

Certificate of Achievement

This certificate covers manual drive train/final drive and automatic transmissions/transaxles. To be proficient in this area, one has to have a broad knowledge of all the areas directly related to power trains, i.e., engine operation, brakes and suspensions. These related topics are adequately covered in the certificate course of study. The ability to accurately diagnose and trouble­shoot in-vehicle transmission/ transaxle is an important learning outcome. The presenta­tion is hands-on and students get to repair and test a wide variety of transmissions. After successful completion of the certificate, students should be eligible to take ASE's Automatic Transmission/Transaxle Exam and Manual Drive Train and Axle Exam.

Course Requirements17

  • AUT100 Fundamentals of Automotive Technology2
  • AUT110 Engine Service3
  • AUT111 Automotive Power Trains3
  • AUT231 Automotive Transmissions/Transaxles3
  • AUT232 Advanced Brake and Suspension Systems3
  • AUT240 Service Shop Operations3

Program Total17

Major course shown in color requires minimum grade of C.