Administrative Assistant
Major Code: 031A

Associate in Applied Science

The administrative assistant degree combines well-balanced academic fundamentals with administrative assistant instruction, giving graduates the expert office skills and in-depth software knowledge needed to hold positions of responsibility and importance in many areas of the business world. This program raises the office skills of the student to a professional level through courses emphasizing teamwork and project management, and also gives the student a technical background through completion of technical skills courses. Overall, it provides the student with a mature understanding of professional responsibilities and minimizes the need for additional on-the-job training.

General Education Requirements15

Major Program Requirements29

  • AOS110 Computer Software for the Office3
  • AOS113 PowerPoint Presentations for Business3
  • AOS114 Comprehensive Word Processing3
  • AOS115 Document Formatting3
  • AOS130 Customer Service2
  • AOS140 Proofreading and Number Skills3
  • AOS205 Records Management3
  • AOS210 Emerging Technologies3
  • AOS280 Administrative Office Systems3
  • CIS112 Comprehensive Excel Spreadsheet3

Additional Program Requirements9


Select electives from:  Accounting (ACC), Administrative Office Systems (AOS), Business (BUS), Computer Information Systems (CIS), Economics (ECN), Entrepreneurship (ETR), Finance (FIN), Health Information Technology (HIT), Management (MGT), Marketing (MKT), Real Estate (REL), World Wide Web (WEB)

Total Semester Hours for Degree60

Major course shown in color requires minimum grade of C.