Learning at Waubonsee

Once you discover all that Waubonsee has to offer, you're sure to do a double take.

Once you discover all that Waubonsee has to offer, you're sure to do a double take.

From our wide selection of degree programs to our outstanding faculty and resources, Waubonsee's growing campus network in the Fox Valley redefines what you can expect from a community college.

“Truly unbelievable.”

Getting a top-quality education is the first step to taking hold of your dreams — because when you shape your mind, you shape your future. Whether you're ready to jump-start your college experience, change gears on a current career, earn certification or just learn something new, Waubonsee has more than four decades of experience forging student success.

“Are you for real?”

Where futures take shape.

At Waubonsee, we have a strong vision for education within our community: our success is defined by the dreams we help shape, the opportunities we help design, and the futures we help create. Therefore, we provide a vast selection of undergraduate credit courses, which can be applied toward a certificate, associate degree and/or transferred to a four-year college or university.

“All this - and so close to home?”

We also offer excellent noncredit options for those interested in advancing their job skills and personal performance, such as industry certification, workforce development, adult education and community learning. Plus, our experienced faculty and staff are committed to your success, offering students a unique, personalized learning experience with programs designed to fit your life.

“Wow. This puts it all within reach.”

At Waubonsee, you can make success happen. Join the thousands in our vibrant student community who have chosen Waubonsee as their path to a brighter tomorrow. Contact our staff about getting started, schedule a campus visit, or begin the enrollment process now — and start shaping your future today.

Whatever your interest, Waubonsee has you covered with more than 1,000 credit courses available from our dedicated, expert faculty.

It's your move — so get started at Waubonsee!

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Begin earning credits that transfer to a four-year college or university.Read more.
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Master the knowledge and job skills that will put you in demand, creating new career possibilities.Read more.
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Increase your basic skills, earn your high school equivalency (GED), or improve your understanding of Math and English.Read more.
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Explore our wide selection of professional development offerings, community education courses, trips, tours and events.Read more.
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Benefit from customized, professional training courses geared for workforce development.Read more.
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Enroll in academic enrichment camps and other learning opportunities for young people.Read more.