Learning Enhancement: Lifting Students Toward Success

There’s no doubt that Waubonsee’s Learning Enhancement division is the cornerstone of college readiness and student success at the college. Those in need of academic assistance, guidance or strategy training have a variety of options to consider: a developmental curriculum to boost skills in math, English and reading; a Personal Development sector, which includes student-empowering courses in leadership, study strategies and career exploration; and the Learning Enhancement Center, which hosts walk-in tutoring for most courses across all departments. 

Student success is the total focus of this division: to make them successful, whatever their academic goals may be.

The division truly has something for everyone. Some students prefer one-on-one academic instruction in the classroom, while others get more out of an open lab, workshop or seminar.

The college’s under-100 level courses aim to improve basic skills in math, reading and English, giving students the confidence and ability to successfully tackle anything college throws at them.

One of the common misconceptions about the division is that they're only for students who are weak in their skills. A large number who seek Learning Enhancement services are top students who simply want to get ahead. For example, the division helps a lot of nursing students who need to sharpen their study skills for their rigorous coursework. 

Another popular service provided by Learning Enhancement are its Learning Enhancement Centers, which provide walk-in tutoring as a flexible, accessible solution for those who need some academic assistance. And the best part: it’s free! All registered students at Waubonsee have open access to the school’s tutoring centers at the Sugar Grove, Aurora and Plano Campuses.