Total Fitness Center – Exercise your right to a healthier lifestyle!

According to Lisbeth Anderson, Manager of Waubonsee’s Total Fitness Center on the college’s Sugar Grove Campus, “We don’t just take clients through the motions. We want to educate them on the ‘how’ and the ‘why’ of fitness.”

Located on the first floor of Erickson Hall, the Total Fitness Center is a modern facility loaded with top-of-the-line equipment and staffed by committed fitness educators. Focused on fitness education, it’s open to all Waubonsee students, as well as community residents 16 years and older. 

“Being fit is probably one of the best things you can do to improve and extend your life, and it’s something that everybody can do. You just have to find something you enjoy and start doing it – and we’re here to help.”
– Lisbeth Anderson, Total Fitness Center Manager 

Membership includes unlimited access to everything you need to get fit and stay that way: cardio and weight resistance equipment, exercise classes, free weights, fitness assessments, customized training, health education and more. “We give members the tools to maintain fitness, offering a variety of options,” Anderson said. “There’s something for everyone here.” 

What’s good for the body is also good for the student body. “Fitness most definitely contributes to academic success. We hear that from students all the time,” Anderson said. “Students appreciate having a place to work out on campus and relieve stress – and having the option of getting credit for it is wonderful as well.” The center’s most popular credit courses are the general classes,  Physical Fitness I and Physical Fitness II. “Students can come in anytime, log in and earn credit for visits of at least 30 minutes,” Anderson said. “Following an orientation, workouts are self-directed. Trainers are always available to answer questions and assist in the design of personalized exercise programs.” 

On the noncredit side, the center offers several group exercise opportunities like Women on Weights, Small Group Training, TRX Express, Balletone and Zumba. The 10-Day Fat-Blasting Boot Camp initiative provides participants a kick-start to get moving and motivation to optimally meet their weight and exercise goals. The Boot Camp adventure consists of cardio, strength, agility and more as participants strive for remarkable results. 

The Total Fitness Center also offers innovative programs that take a comprehensive approach to getting in shape. With BodyGem, a device used to measure your metabolism, you can easily and quickly determine your resting metabolic rate. “Once you know how many calories you need to burn on a daily basis, you can more accurately calculate your daily calorie target,” Anderson said. “It makes reaching personalized weight management goals that much more attainable.” 

Personal training is a popular fitness option. “Our fitness specialists are nationally certified personal trainers who are available to assess your fitness level, provide creative, sound exercise programming recommendations and help participants stay motivated,” Anderson said. Trainers offer a one-on-one experience that is supervised and safe. They work with clients to devise an all-inclusive plan that maximizes results and provides structure, accountability and consistency. 

For students and community members alike, Waubonsee’s Total Fitness Center continues to be the ultimate intersection of fitness, education and healthy living.