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Image of Maya Tolappa

Maya Tolappa

Business and Career Technologies
CIS (Computer Information Systems)
Assistant Professor
Outstanding Faculty Member of the Year for 2012
Welcome to Waubonsee Community College. I am Maya Tolappa, and I am originally from India. From India, in IT, sounds somewhat stereotypical, doesn't it? Actually, it gets more stereotypical; my first job, years ago, was with a large Indian IT company!

I am a full time instructor at Waubonsee, and teach a lot of the programming classes here. I worked at IBM prior to coming to Waubonsee and have a MS in MIS from Northern Illinois University. I love programming and find it exciting, even after having done it for nearly 25 years, and hope you will all feel the same way after taking classes with me.

In 2012, I was honored to be selected as the Outstanding Faculty of the Year at the college.

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  • MBA (MIS Concentration), Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University, India
  • Masters in Managament Information Systems (MS/MIS). Northern Illinois University
  • Collaborating Academic Partnership Program (CAPP), Aurora University
  • CIS110 - Business Information Systems
  • CIS115 - Introduction to Programming
  • CIS116 - Structured Program Design
  • CIS120 - VB.NET Programming
  • CIS130 - C++ Programming
  • CIS186 - Game Development
  • CIS202 - Database Management
  • CIS220 - Advanced VB.NET, ASP.NET
  • CIS230 - Advanced C++
  • CIS261 - PHP Web Server Programming

If you have any questions about these classes, please give me a call or send me an email.


Akerlow 220
Sugar Grove Campus
(630) 466-2312

Office Hours:

Fall 2014

Monday:  4:00 - 5:30 pm
Akerlow 220 (Sugar Grove)
Wednesday : 4:00 - 6:00 pm
CPL 209 (Copley Campus )
Thursday : 5:00 - 6:30 pm
CPL 209 (Copley Campus )