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Heather Weber

Communications, Humanities and Fine Arts
Faculty Department / Discipline
Assistant Professor, Art History

Courses I teach include:

Art 100

Art 101 (online only)

Art 102

Art 105

Art 106

This is a new course!!  We will examine art from 1945 to the present!


As an art historian, my field has allowed me to combine my two loves into one. While I, of course, enjoy looking, thinking, and talking about visual imagery it is not my primary reason for loving art history. Thinking about history through a visual lens introduces one to many other fields of study. I have learned about science, technology, politics, social movements, literature, and music through studying images. The time and place in which we are a product of aids in how we think, who we are, and what we make.   I hope to pass on this knowledge to my students along with an understanding that we are all a part of a larger picture (no pun intended).

Although I teach a variety of time periods from prehistory to the present, my focus is modern and contemporary art history. This focus has allowed me to be involved in the curation of several contemporary art exhibitions. While different, I believe that both my teaching and my role as curator have similar goals. Both contribute to the curriculum of an educational institution and provide opportunities for cultural enrichment.


Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, IL 2002-2003
Certificate of Museum Studies

Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, IL 1999-2002
MA in Art History

Miami University, Oxford, OH, 1992-1997
BA in The History of Art and Architecture
Minor in Applied Ethics

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Bodie 130
Sugar Grove Campus

Office Hours:
Office hours vary per semester.  Please contact me for office hours.