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Asset Earth

Asset Earth is a series of presentations by scientific experts on current scientific thought and events.  They are selected, both topic and speaker, to be able to present scientific ideas and concepts about the planet upon which we live in a non-threatening, informative and entertaining presentation.  Topics for presentations are wide ranging, and include anything that cover any scientific aspect of the earth, how it works, and human interactions with it.  If you have an idea for a presentation, please contact me for further information. 

Most of the presentations are on Thursday evenings at 7 PM in the Auditorium on the Sugar Grove Campus, and all are free to all.

Our current schedule of upcoming presentations (all at 7 PM in the Auditorium)

2017/2018 schedule is being organized.  Check back soon

Here is a list of our previous presentations (BOLD = DVD of presentation on reserve in the Todd Library and online)

Date      -     Speaker(s)     -    Affiliation       -         Title

13 Sep 2006 Dr. Seth Stein      IRIS / Northwestern University - Giant earthquakes: Why, where, when and what we can do
9 Feb 2007   Karl Schulze, Dave Voorhees, Chris Hooker and Dan Ward - Waubonsee Community College - “Global Warming: An Inconvenient Truth” and panel discussion
24 Feb 2007  Brian Ekdal    -    Waubonsee Community College - 10 Days in Malawi

16 Mar 2007  Karl Schulze - Waubonsee Community College - Tornadoes: Lessons Learned from a Storm Chaser
18 Apr 2007  Kathleen Westman & Jim Powell - Waubonsee Community College and Red Cross - New Orleans: Reclaim or Rebuild?
24 Oct 2007  Dr. Brian Atwater- IRIS / University of Washington - The Orphan Tsunami of 1700 - A Trans-Pacific Detective Story
27 Feb 2008  David Voorhees - Waubonsee Community College - Global Climate Change and the IPCC
17 Apr 2008   Dr. Paul Loubere - Northern IL University - Waterworld: Global Oceans, Ice and Climate Change
1 May 2008    Dr. David Goldblum - Northern IL University - Slowing Climate Change: Our Responsibility, Our Options
18 Oct 2008   Second Annual Renewable Energy Fair
13 Nov 2008  Multiple speakers - Multiple affliations - “Flock of Dodos: The Evolution – Intelligent Design Circus” and panel discussion
12 Feb 2009  Brian “Fox” Ellis - Charles Darwin and the Voyage of the Beagle
10 Sep 2009  Joe DalSanto - Waubonsee Community College - The space shuttle
1 Oct 2009     Dr. Jason Steffen - FERMI and Waubonsee Community College - Finding other Earths
12 Nov 2009   Dr. Leon Lederman - FERMI - Telescopes and Microscopes: Tools and What We Know About the World
18 Feb 2010   Dr. Paul Nelson (Biola Univ)/Dr. Andrew Petto (Univ of Wisconsin, Milwaukee) - “Unlocking the Mysteries of Life” and panel discussion
27 Mar 2010   Capt Jon McBride - NASA - To Outer Space and Back
8 Apr 2010     Sallie Greenberg - Illinois State Geological Survey - Carbon Capture and Storage in the Illinois Basin

30 Sep 2010  Dr. Stephen Malone - IRIS / University of Washington - Predicting earthquakes and volcanic eruptions
11 Nov 2010  David Voorhees - Waubonsee Community College - What Is Sustainability and How Can You Live a Sustainable Life?
10 Mar 2011  Danielle DuCharme - Waubonsee Community College - Insects and Spiders: The Good, the Bad, and the Weird
3 Nov 2011 David H. Voorhees, Associate Professor of Earth Science and Geology, Waubonsee Community College, New Madrid Seismic Zone: What have we learned in 200 years?
1 Mar 2012  Karl Schulze, Instructor Waubonsee Community College, Tornadoes and Storm Chasing
20 Sep 2012 William Kreznor, Soil and Environmental Consultant, Almost flat is where it's at: Soils and glaciated landscapes of Northeastern Illinois
11 Oct 2012 Alfred Weiss, Instructor, Waubonsee Community College, The World through maps: Eye on the world using Geographic Information Systems 
21 Feb 2013  Dani DuCharme, Assistant Professor Biology, Waubonsee Community College, Biodiversity-Can't live with it and can't live without it
19 September 2013: Melissa E. Lenczewski, Northern Illinois University, Associate Professor, Geology and Environmental Geosciences, Paradise Lost: Impact of Tourism on water quality in Cancun, Mexico
7 November 2013: Todd Laufenberg, Assistant Professor of English, Waubonsee Community College: It's All Greek to Me; The Rhetoric of Scientific Debate
13 February 2014: Amy Del Medico, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Waubonsee Community College: What's A Fractal?
6 March 2014: Megan Dunning, Manager of Community Education and Outreach, Morton Arboretum: 101 degrees in the Shade: Climate Change and Your Garden
16 October 2014 Keith Bickley - Waubonsee Community College - Is philosophy still important to STEM?
6 November 2014 Dr. Chris Widga - Illinois State Museum - The Big Deal about Big Game: Early Paleoindian use of Late Pleistocene Megafauna 
12 February 2015 David Dolek - Columbia College - Geology as destiny; Across teh Chicago Portage and Mid-Continent Divide
2 April 2015 Justin Hoshaw - Waubonsee Community College - Organic vs. GMO: What's in your belly? 
24 Sep 2015 Dr Ross Powell, Northern Illinois University, Exploring 'new' environments on Earth
12 Nov 2015 Justin Hoshaw, Waubonsee Community College, What science can teach you about dating, love and sex (that sex ed did not)
11 Feb 2016 Sowjanya Dharmasankar, Nancy Christensen, Sheela Vemu, Heather LaCost, Waubonsee Community College, The Many Aspects of Love
3 Mar 2016 Chris Cunningham Waubonsee Community College, Human vision and impossible colors
14 Apr 2016 Dan Ward Waubonsee Community College, What is Science?
22 Sep 2016 Dr Lydia Finney, Dr Carmen Soriano, Argonne National Laboratory, X-Ray imaging at Argonne National Laboratory: The Case of the Tully Monster Fossil
27 Oct 2016 Dr Pratima Jindal, Waubonsee Community College, Gravitational Waves: What their discovery means for us
30 Mar 2017 Dr. Victor Gensini, College of DuPage, Tornadoes: Past, Present and Future