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Open-Source Software

I believe all mathematics and science students should be taking programming courses as quickly as possible. As soon as you finish a programming course, you have a huge amount of power and influence over the world; one way to exert that influence is to work on open-source software projects.

I am only just now beginning my foray into open-source software, but the projects I have worked on are below:

  • The ximera project, based at Ohio State University, aims to create a document type that allows a single mathematical source document to generate problem sheets, online homework, and solution sheets.
  • js-quantities is a Javascript project that I mostly watch thanks to my involvement in ximera; it allows Javascript applications to understand and convert between various units of measure.
  • Manabase is my pet project from 2015. It takes a deck from the game Magic: the Gathering and runs it through several trials to evaluate the quality of the deck's mana. While this is released and opensource, it does not yet have other contributors (or users)! It needs some user interface love to get widely adopted.