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Carrie Casper

Communications, Humanities and Fine Arts
Adjunct Faculty

Classes I teach: Coms100 and Coms 120- Interpersonal Communications

For Syllabus info check MYWCC under documents and links for the class.  This will have syllabus, calendar, peer grading, and any other little bits of info that students might need to navigate the class.

Also available is my Facebook page for Coms100: Ms. Casper's Waubonsee Speech Page.  If you "like" this page I post reminders for upcoming assignments and readings that will pop up on your facebook.  If you use facebook a lot and like the idea of getting an extra reminder this is for you.  Simply "unlike" the page at the end of the semester to stop getting updates, don't worry I won't be offeneded. 

Spring 2012

Coms 100 MW 8-915

Coms 100 F 8-1045

Both on SG campus


Coms 100 MW 11-145 AC

Coms 100 TTH 8-1045 AC

Fall 2012

Coms 120 T 630-915pm AC


Sugar Grove Campus

Office Hours:

By appointment.  Ask before/after class or through school email: