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Allison DeStefano

Communications, Humanities and Fine Arts
Associate Professor, Communication


M.A. Communication, University of Illinois, Chicago, IL, June 1999

B.A. Human Communication, Lewis University, Romeoville, IL, May 1993

Teaching Experience

  • Associate Professor, Communication, Waubonsee Community College, Sugar Grove, IL


  • Assistant Professor, Communication, Waubonsee Community College, Sugar Grove, IL


  • Instructor, “Implementing the Mission” graduate course, Aurora University, Aurora, IL

Fall 2010, Fall 2011

  • Instructor, Communication, Waubonsee Community College, Sugar Grove, IL


  • Adjunct Instructor, Waubonsee Community College, Sugar Grove, IL


  • Adjunct Instructor, Lewis Universtiy, Romeoville, IL


Additional Experience
  • Campus Representative, Illinois Community College Faculty Association, Springfield, IL
  • Faculty Liaison to the Center for Teaching and Learning Technology, Waubonsee Community College, Sugar Grove, IL
  • Dunham Early College Academy (dual enrollment program for high school juniors), Waubonsee Community College, Aurora, IL

2008, 2010

Professional Development Coursework

  • Effective College Teaching

  • Effective Assessment in College Teaching

  • Integrating Technology in College Teaching

  • Accommodating Students with Disabilities

  • ADD/ADHD Strategies for the Classroom

  • Learning Differences Between the Sexes

  • Power Point

  • Microsoft Word
  • Academic Dishonesty to Academic Integrity
  • Web 2.0: Powerful Tools to Transform Teaching and Learning


  • National Communication Association
  • Central States Communication Association - Life Member

Committee/Student Group Work

  • Current: Todd Library Advisory Committee, Communication Club Advisor, Sigma Chi Eta Advisor, Distance Services Committee
  • Past: Calendar Committee, Curriculum Council, The Outcomes Project, Faculty Development Learning Excellence Team, Faculty Council Senator, Spectrum Advisor, Amnesty International Advisor, Fullbright Lecturer Committee, Major Decisions Week Committee, Model Illinois Government - training, New Faculty Learning Academy, Long Range Planning Committee for Faculty Council

Research/Panel Presentations

  • Redefining “Home” in Times of Change – Respondent/Panel Chair, CSCA, Milwaukee, WI


  • Slippers in the Classroom? Finding a Home in the Basic Course – Panel, CSCA, Milwaukee, WI


  • Home-Schooled Students: Their Gifts and Their Challenges – Panel, CSCA, Milwaukee, WI


  • Redesigning the Basic Course: Self-Analysis as a Tool for Engagement – Panel, CSCA, Cincinnati, OH


  • Ethical Challenges of Motivating Students to Civic Engagement – Panel, CSCA, Cincinnati, OH


  • A Career in Teaching Communication: Hiring Practices of Two and Four Year Institutions – Panel, CSCA, Cincinnati, OH


  • Creating Connections in Your Online Classroom: A Hands-On Workshop – CSCA, St. Louis, MO


  • “Conversations About Connections” Beyond Assessment: The Community College Focus to Build Success for First Year Students – Panel, CSCA, St. Louis, MO


  • The Political 3-Ring Circus: Ousted Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich Fails as Ringmaster – Paper, NCA, Chicago, IL


  • They Hybrid Speaking Course: Opportunities and Challenges of Student Engagement – Panel, CSCA, Madison, WI


  • Online Communication Courses: Cyber Tools Making a Difference – Panel, CSCA, Madison, WI


  • Breaking the Glass Ceiling? Examining Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign – Paper, NCA, San Diego, CA


  • Developing the Hybrid Public Speaking Course: Opportunities and Challenges of Doing it Yourself – Panel, NCA, San Diego, CA


  • Service Learning at the Community College Level – Round Table, CSCA, Minneapolis, MN


  • Shuttle Disasters: Rhetoric and Recovery – Paper, CSCA, Indianapolis, IN


Professional Interests

Public Speaking

Social Media/Social Networking

Online Communication

Presidential Campaign Rhetoric

Use of Social Media in Political Campaigns


Online Learning

Personal Interests

Singing with the Melodeers Chorus  

Sweet Adelines International

Derby Lite


Live Music

Musical Theater



Whatever my kids are doing!

Teaching is a vocation, not just a job.

Currently, I offer the following courses:

  • COM 100 - Fundamentals of Speech Communication (offered both face to face and online)
  • COM 115 - Online Communication (taught only online)
  • COM 200- Advanced Speech Communication (face to face)

Various sections of COM 100 are offered by me in the Fall and Spring semesters.

One section of COM 115 is offered every semester (Fall, Spring, and Summer).

COM 200 is generally offered every other year.


Bodie 204B
Sugar Grove Campus

Office Hours:

Regular Academic School Year (End of August-Early May): 10-11 a.m. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and 1:45-2:45 p.m.

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" ~ Voltaire

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