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Amy Chaaban

Business and Career Technologies
Information Systems/ Web Design
Assoicate Professor of Information Systems

WEB 110 Web Development with HTML/XHTML

WEB 230 Web Authoring with Dreamweaver

WEB 231 Web Authoring/Animation with Flash

WEB 250 Advanced Website Design

Service learning is a component I strive to integrate into my course offerings. 

Born and raised in Kansas City - home of world famous BBQ!

B.S. Computer Information Systems: Emporia State University

M.S. Education: Southwestern University

Interests:Student engagement, service learning, web design, web standards, SEO, SMO, WEB 2.0: If you don't know what the last three topics are, come take a class with me! I am also interested in the ramifications of technology, social media, and mobile computing on society, academia and our personal lives.

See HTML 5 in action! View in Firefox or Google Chrome.


Akerlow 216
Sugar Grove Campus

Office Hours:
Contact me for current semester office hours.