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Adam Burke

Business and Career Technologies
Librarian, Todd Library

I work as a librarian, serving all four campus here at Waubonsee.

  • If you need individual research assistance, please contact me.

I teach Reference & Research Strategies (LIB120) and Research Strategies (PDV102) online

  • If you want more information about the classes, please contact me.

If you are just looking to talk about libraries, library research, information literacy, technology, tech. policy, the internet, whatever...

  • Please contact me.

You can also contact me via Twitter: @wcctoddlibrary

A frosty soccer morning (GX1, 3/4)

courtesy of my own Flickr stream (flickr/adamthelibrarian)


Collins 221
Sugar Grove Campus

Office Hours:

M:8 to 12 (Plano), 1 to 4:30 (Copley)
T:8 to 12 (Copley),1 to 4:30 (Plano)
W:1:30 to 9:30 (Sugar Grove)
Th:8 to 4:30 (Aurora)
F:8 to 4:30 (Sugar Grove)