Special Interest Organizations

List of Special Interest Student Organizations

photo of Waubonsee Student Education Association Bake Sale
Waubonsee Student Education Association Bake Sale

Campus Activities Board (CAB)
The Campus Activities Board is responsible for planning events for the student body. Members of CAB get to select the events, work with agents and artists, publicize and execute all CAB events. Events range from musicians and speakers to movies, inflatables and beyond. CAB provides members with an opportunity to develop real-world competencies, develop leadership skills and use creativity!
Meg Junk, STC 126, ext. 6608

Delta Sigma Omicron
Membership is open to all students with an interest in advocating on behalf of or working with individuals with disabilities.
Lisa Egner, STC 201E, ext. 2482

Gamers Club
The gamers group offers a venue for game enthusiasts to gather and discuss gaming and related issues. They host regular game nights throughout the year.
Lawrence Becker, ext. 3165
Chris Wise, STC 243, ext. 2491

Movie Makers Inc.
This film production club is for students who are interested in all aspects of film creation regardless of their major.
John Bitterman, BDE 201, ext. 2269

People for Peace
The organization is dedicated to working for peace and social justice within the college community and within the broader world by spreading awareness about peaceful alternative to violence, by celebrating international peace days, and by providing speakers, promoting events and hosting activities that foster a culture of peaceful coexistence.
Ellen Lindeen, BDE 221, ext. 2998
The orgainization is an ongoing support system for youth and adults, providing community-based prevention and healthy activities with an emphasis on youth involvement
Allison Beltramini, BDE 202, ext. 2276
Michael Moran, APC 276, ext. 2461

The goals of Spectrum are to encourage acceptance of the diverse populations of our school; create a safe environment for all students; and dismantle stereotypes about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and students who may be questioning identities.
   *Sponsors events marking World AIDS Day, National Coming Out Day, and The Day of Silence
   *Fundraising for compatible community organizations
   *Field and conference trips
Jill Pierson, STC 249E, ext. 2962

Students for a Diverse Society (SDS)
This organization works to dispel misinformation about and create dialogue among diverse peoples, cultures, and societies.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SDSAtWaubonseeCommunityCollege
Vaseliki (Vicky) Archos, BDE 111, ext. 6696
Billy Clem, BDE 121, ext. 2388

Volunteers who C.A.R.E.
Volunteers who C.A.R.E. provides opportunities for students to plan and/or attend service events within our community.  Our mission is to create volunteer opportunities within the Waubonsee Community College district that offer students a chance to give back and create a better world.  Members select the causes and non-profits that we work with each semester and promote and execute events. Any student is welcome to simply attend an event or join the organization to both attend and assist in the planning.
Meg Junk, STC 126, ext. 6608