Honor Societies

Waubonsee's many honor societies recognize students' achievements while also bringing them together for service and scholarship.

students from Phi Theta Kapp (Phi Omicron Chapter) working at Toy Drive
Phi Theta Kapp (Phi Omicron Chapter) Toy Drive

Alpha Beta Gamma (lota Nu Chapter)
Alpha Beta Gamma is an international honor society for two-year colleges. Its focus is to recognize and encourage scholarship among students who are majoring in business related programs. There is a one-time membership fee.
Patricia Saccone, AC 367, ext. 4194
Ne'Keisha Stepney, APC 247, ext. 2966  

Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society (Gamma Gamma Chapter)
The organization's purpose is to recongize the academic achievement of students in the study of Association Degree Nursing. The society shall encourage the pursuit of advance degrees in the profession of nursing as well as continuing education as a life-long professional responsiblity. Additionally, the society shall participate in the recruitment of qualified individuals into the profession of nursing. Minimum GPA requirement and one-time membership fee required. 
**Formal induction ceremonies for members
Dr. Michelle Evans, FOXVLY 111, ext. 3903
Laurel Krueger, FOXVLY 118, ext. 3907
Marjie Schoolfield, FOXVLY 119, ext. 3908

Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society/A.B.L.E
These two organizations have merged activities in order to provide a positive influence for nontraditional students (25 or older) as they transition to academic life. Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society has a GPA requirement and one-time membership fee. Invitations are issued to all eligible students at the end of the fall and spring semesters.

  • Hosts social events for members
  • Community service events include "Feed my Starving Children"
  • Formal induction ceremonies for members

Aaron Lawler, VON 227, ext. 2861
Leon Pedraza, COL 182, ext. 6889

Mu Alpha Theta
The purpose of this organization is to promote scholarship in, and enjoyment and understanding of, mathematics among two-year college students.
Mark Crawford, BDE 231, ext. 2895

National Adult Education Honor Society
The group's mission is to provide recognition to adult education students. Eligible Waubonsee students are enrolled in ESL, ABE, GED or Youth Services programs. Membership is by faculty nomination. One-time fee required.

  • Formal induction ceremony for members
  • Assists with Adult Education events

Alyson Gasper, AC 464, ext 4176

National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS)
The Society is an organization that helps people discover and achieve their goals. The Society offers life-changing lectures from the nation's leading presenters and a community where like-minded, success-oriented individuals come together and help one another succeed. The Society also serves as a powerful force of good in the greater community by encouraging and organizing action to better the world. 
Diana Fortier, APC 281, ext. 4199
Dr. Scott Peska, STC 103, ext. 2349
Dr. Renee Tonioni, COL 234, ext. 2896
Dr. Mary Tosch, STC 124, ext. 2369
Student Life Graduate Assistant, STC 117, ext. 5763

National Technical Honor Society
NTHS encourages scholastic excellence in applied science majors or certificate students. Chapters exist at both the high school and college levels. Minimum GPA requirement and one-time membership fee required. Students with high school membership may apply immediately for chapter membership at a reduced fee of $10.

  • Formal induction ceremony for members
  • Community service
  • Resume/Interview workshops

Pamela Augustine, WGL 226, ext. 2871
Andrew MacDonald, AB 105, ext. 2550
Guy Tiberio, AKL Room 100, ext. 2731

Phi Theta Kappa (Phi Omicron Chapter)
Academic excellence and community service are promoted by this international honor society. Invitations are issued to all eligible students at the end of each semester (not summer school). There is a GPA requirement and a one-time membership fee.

  • Fundraising and participation in Relay for Life, Mark of Dimes Walk, Feed My Starving Children and Habitat for Humanity
  • Participation in Waubonsee's Day of Service

Danielle DuCharme, SCI 116, ext. 2345
Karl Schulze, SCI 228, ext. 2562

Psi Beta Honor Society/Psychology Club
The purpose of this organization is to stimulate, encourage and recognize scholarship and interest in psychology among students at Waubonsee. All students are welcome to join the Psychology Club. To join Psi Beta Honor Society, there is a GPA requirement and one-time membership fee to join the honor society.

  • Formal induction ceremony for Psi Beta members
  • Field trips
  • Sponsors speakers 

Dr. Lisa Fozio-Thielk, APC 266, ext. 2559
Scott Hollenback, APC 265, ext. 2273
Dr. Heather LaCost, APC 267, ext. 2465

Sigma Chi Eta Honor Society
The communications honor society for two-year colleges recognizes, fosters and rewards outstanding scholastic achievement among majors in communications and related fields. Invitations are issued to all eligible students. There is a GPA requirement and a one-time membership fee.
John Bitterman, BDE 201, ext. 2269
Allison Beltramini, BDE 202, ext. 2276

Waubonsee Veterans Club/SALUTE
The Veterans Club serves to connect student veterans on campus and to provide opportunitiies for camaraderie between individuals with similar backgrounds and experiences. The group also serves as a peer network.

  • Sponsors a chapter of SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society for members
  • Assists with college Veterans Day event
  • Sponsors veterans meetings and social gatherings

J.C. Paez, DKN 171, ext. 2931
Heather Watson, STC 278, ext. 2091