Student Senate

Group photo of 2016-2017 Student Senate
Waubonsee Community College's 2016-17 Student Senate includes (front row seated, l to r): Bailey Martenson, Yosemite Pinedo, Sabrina Ortega and Guadalupe Romualdo; (back row standing, l to r): Martin Morales, Elizabeth Lonigro, James Zellmer, William Sitton, Tori Joray, Giovanni Gutierrez, and Jesse David Vera. Not pictured is Seth Coleman.
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Student Senate
Student senate provides one channel of communication through which the administration of the college and students may discuss academic topics. Members sit on many college committees where they provide student perspective and student feedback to the administration. Student Senate is governed by a constitution approved by vote of the student body. The senate is composed of 12 students. The senate president and eleven senators are elected in the spring. The senate has open meetings and all students are invited to attend. Students are encouraged to share their ideas, problems and suggestions by using senate mailboxes in the Student Life office, STC 126.

Student Trustee
The student member of the Waubonsee Board of Trustees is elected during the spring student government election and services one yar. The Student Trustee attends all board meetings to represent the interests of Waubonsee students. The Student Trustee has a mailbox in STC 126 and can be contacted through the Student Life office.