Listing of All Student Organizations

Alpha Beta Gamma (Iota Nu Chapter)
Alpha Beta Gamma is an international honor society for two-year colleges. Its focus is to recognize and encourage scholarship among students who are majoring in business related programs. There is a one-time membership fee.
Ne'Keisha Stepney, APC 247, ext. 2966
Patricia Saccone, AC 367, ext. 4194

Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society (Gamma Gamma Chapter)
The organization's purpose is to recognize the academic achievement of students in the study of Associate Degree of Nursing. The society shall encourage the pursuit of advance degrees in the profession of nursing as well as continuing education as a life-long professional responsibility. Additionally, the society shall participate in the recruitment of qualified individuals into the profession of nursing. Minimum GPA requirement and one-time membership fee required.
**Formal induction ceremonies for members
Dr. Michelle Evans, FOXVLY 111, ext. 3903
Laurel Kruegar, FOXVLY 118, ext. 3907
Marjie Schoolfield, FOXVLY 119, ext. 3908

Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society/A.B.L.E.
These two organizations have merged activities in order to provide a positive influence on non-traditional students (25 or older) as they transition to academic life. Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society has a GPA requirement and one-time membership fee. Invitations are issued to all eligible students at the end of the fall and spring semesters.
**Hosts social events for members
**Community service events include "Feed My Starving Children"
**Formal induction ceremonies for members
Aaron Lawler, VON 227, ext. 2861
Leon Pedraza, COL 182, ext. 6889

American Sign Language - Deaf Connection
The organization's purpose is to increase the signing and communication skills of members while developing leadership and personal growth. It also hopes to build rapport with the Deaf community and increase awareness of both interpreting and Deaf culture.
**Sponsors "Silent" events and workshops for members
Cassie Coburn, AC 364, ext. 4114
Katie Thomas, AC 365, ext. 2921 or (630) 405-6109

Art Club
Art Club provides students with opportunities to creatively express themselves and to take part in artistic cultural experiences.
**Campus activities and field trips for members
Heather Weber, BDE 130, ext. 2873

Automotive Club
The Automotive Club's purpose is to bring awareness to the many areas of the automotive industry. It will also supplement information in areas of the automotive industry that our curriculum does not cover. In the club, we hope to bring experience and knowledge to students interested in the automotive field by being an active part of the local automotive community, taking tours of automotive related businesses and facilities, attending automotive events, hosting training opportunities, and build relationships within the automotive industry. The club will meet once a month and have two meetings times so full and part time students have the ability to be involved. 
Jim Armitage, AKL 100, ext. 2308
Kenneth Kunz, AKL 100, ext. 2331
Guy Tiberio, AKL 100, ext. 2731

Black Student Alliance (BSA)
BSA is dedicated to increasing the awareness of African American culture, supporting the success of African American students, and cultivating unity among all students at Waubonsee Community College.
**Field trips
**Hosts African American heritage events
Robert Cook, STC 210C, ext. 6800
Chassie Sherretz, STC 210C, (630) 229-8155

Waubonsee Business & Entrepreneurship Club 
Business & Entrepreneurship Club is about exploring what it is like to be in the business world. We are a professional style club that helps prepare anymore interested in being in the business world. We meet every other Thursday and have another meeting the following Monday, in case someone is unable to attend Thursday meeting. 
Kelly Robar, APC ext. 3113

Campus Activities Board (CAB)
The Campus Activities Board is responsible for planning events for the student body. Members of CAB get to select the events, work with agents and artists, publicize and execute all CAB events. Events range from musicians and speakers to movies, inflatables and beyond. CAB provides members with an opportunity to develop real-world competencies, develop leadership skills and use creativity!
Meg Junk, STC 126, ext. 6608

Ceramics Club
The ceramics group provides activities and speakers to expand student knowledge of the field.
**Sponsors visiting artist events
**Spring and fall ceramics sales
**Field trips to SOFA and museums
Doug Jeppesen, CER 104, ext. 2505

Waubonsee Christian Athletes Club
The purpose of the club is to have a venue for non-denominational Christian athletes to unite and share their faith as it relates to life and sports.
Brad Schlemmer, FLD 174, ext. 2524

Christian Fellowship
This spiritual group provides students with a way of knowing God through Biblical training, fellowship and activities.
**Social events for members
**Sponsors Bible studies
John Bitterman, BDE 201, ext. 2269

Creative Writing Club 
Waubonsee's creative writing club meets once a week (Wednesdays at 12:30pm in the Student Life Office) to share and workshop writing, organize literary field-trips and other events, and publish Waubonsee's literary magazine, Horizons. Creative writers in all genres -- from poetry, fiction, non-fiction, drama, lyrics and all other types of writing -- are welcome to join. Members are committed to improving each other's writing and increasing the presence of the written word on campus. Any student who wishes to participate in the publication of Horizons should consider joining this club. 
Daniel Portincaso, BDE 119, ext. 6695

Delta Sigma Omicron
Membership is open to all students with an interest in advocating on behalf of or working with individuals with disabilities.
Lisa Egner, STC 201E, ext. 2482

Future Healthcare Providers Club 
The club's goal is to promote the field of medicine, encourage community service, provide resources and ehance career opportunities within the healthcare field.  All interested students are welcome.
Tracey Dosch, SCI 118, ext. 2948 
Dr. Nancy Christensen, SCI 224, ext. 2472
Jennifer Showalter, SCI 126, ext. 5717

Gamers Club
The gamers group offers a venue for game ethusiasts to gather and discuss gaming and related issues. They host regular game nights throughout the year.
Contact Student Life, STC 126, ext. 2369
Waubonsee Health Information Technology Student Association
Membership is open to all students who are interested in health information technology. Students are invited to join throughout the year. Membership requires a co-membership in the national organization, American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).
**Community Service Events
Patricia Saccone, AC 367, ext. 4194
Andrea Siekierski, AC 361, ext. 4242

History Club
The Waubonsee History Club promotes the field of history, encourages community service and civic responsibility, and enhances career opportunities for their membership.
Dr. Timothy Draper, APC 271, ext. 2556 
Dr. Amy Powers, APC 262, ext. 2271

Latinos Unidos
The organization provides cultural opportunities for students and fosters awareness of the richness of Latino culture. All students are welcome. Achieving Success Juntos! 
Direct Email:
Rosie Carbajal-Romo, STC 264, ext. 6668
Ulysses Diaz, AC 123, ext. 4692
Erika Iniguez, STC 254, ext. 2955

Mathematical-Engineering Club (MEC)
The goal of MEC is to promote a practical culture of mathematics and science (engineering) through various activities geared toward the mastery of technical skills.
Mark Crawford, BDE 233, ext. 2895
Christopher Cunningham, BDE 233, ext. 6818

Movie Makers Inc.
This film production club is for students who are interested in all aspects of film creation regardless of their major. 
John Bitterman, BDE 201, ext. 2269

Mu Alpha Theta
The purpose of this organization is to promote scholarship in, and enjoyment and understanding of, mathematics among two-year college students. 
Mark Crawford, BDE 231, ext. 2895

National Adult Education Honor Society
The group's mission is to provide recognition to adult education students. Eligible Waubonsee students are enrolled in ESL, ABE, GED or Youth Services programs. Membership is by faculty nomination. One-time fee required.
**Formal induction ceremony for members
**Assists with Adult Education events
Alyson Gaspar, AC 464, etc. 4176

National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS)
The Society is an organization that helps people discover and achieve their goals. The Society offers life-changing lectures from the nation's leading presenters and a community where like-minded, success-oriented individuals come together and help one another succeed. The Society also serves as a powerful force of good in the greater community by encouraging and organizing action to better the world. 
Diana Fortier, APC 281, ext. 4199
Dr. Scott Peska, STC 103, ext. 2349
Dr. Mary Tosch, STC 124, ext. 2369
Dr. Renee Tonioni, COL 234, ext. 2896
Student Life Graduate Assistant, STC 117, ext. 5763

National Technical Honor Society
NTHS encourages scholastic excellence in applied science majors or certificate students. Chapters exist at both the high school and college levels. Minimum GPA requirement and one-time membership fee required. Students with high school members may apply immediately for chapter membership at a reduced fee of $10.
**Formal induction ceremony for members
**Community service
**Resume/Interview workshop
Pamela Augustine, WGL 226, ext. 2871
Andy MacDonald, Auto Body, Room 105, ext. 2550
Guy Tiberio, AKL 100, ext. 2731

People for Peace 
The organization is dedicated to working for peace and social justice within the college community and within the broader world by spreading awareness about peaceful alternative to violence, by celebrating international peace days, and by providing speakers, promoting events and hosting activities that foster a culture of peaceful coexistence.  
Ellen Lindeen, BDE 221, ext. 2998

Performing Arts Collective
PAC is a group of students who wish to network with other musicians, share their abilities, and expand their knowledge of the music industry and music as an art form.
**Provides performance opportunities for members
Mark Popowitch, VON 227, ext. 6634

Philosophy Club 
The Philosophy Club is dedicated to discussing philosophical questions, such as 'What is Art?', 'What constitues moral responsiblity?' and 'Do humans have free will?' The club welcomes students and members of the wider community who have any interest in discussing philosophical questions in reasoned and fair-minded ways!
Keith Bickley, VON 239, ext. 2946
Steven Zusman, BDE 233, ext. 6802

Phi Theta Kappa (Phi Omicron Chapter)
Academic excellence and community service are promoted by this international honor society. Invitations are issued to all eligible students at the end of each semester (not summer school). There is a GPA requirement and a one-time membership fee.
**Fundraising and participation in Relay for Life, March of Dimes Walk, and Feed My Starving Children
**Habitat for Humanity
**Waubonsee's Day of Service 
Daniell DuCharme, SCI 116, ext. 2345
Karl Schulze, SCI 228, ext. 2562

Psi Beta Honor Society/Psychology Club
The purpose of this organization is to stimulate, encourage and recognize scholarship and interest in psychology among students at Waubonsee. All students are welcome to join the Psychology Club. To join Psi Beta Honor Society, there is a GPA requirement and a one-time membership fee.
**Formal induction for Psi Beta members
**Field trips
**Sponsored speakers
Lisa Fozio-Thielk, APC 266, ext. 2559
Scott Hollenback, APC 265, ext. 2273
Dr. Heather LaCost, APC 267, ext. 2465

Sigma Chi Eta Honor Society/Communications Club
The communications honor society for two-year colleges recognizes, fosters and rewards outstanding scholastic achievement among majors in communications and related fields. Invitations are issued to all eligible students. The Communications Club affiliated with our Sigma Chi Eta Chapter has no GPA requirement and is open to all Waubonsee students interested in the communications field.
Allison Beltramini, BDE 202, ext. 2276
John Bitterman, BDE 201, ext. 2269

Waubonsee Software and Technology Club
The goal of the club is to gather like-minded individuals at Waubonsee to discuss technology topics and work with software and technology, aid students in graduating from Waubonsee or transferring to other schools in CIS disciplines and to help members increase their skill sets for the marketplace or for personal satisfaction. Membership is open to all enrolled Waubonsee students. There is a one-time membership fee.
Tim Moriarty, AKL 223, ext. 2565
Christopher Cunningham, BDE 233, ext. 6818

The goal of Spectrum is to encourage acceptance and tolerance within the diverse population of our school; create a safe environment for all students; and break down gender stereotypes of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender, queer, and students who may be questioning identities.
**Sponsors events marking World AIDS Day, Coming Out Day and Day of Silence
**Fundraising for compatible community social action groups
**Field and conference trips
Jill Pierson, STC 249E, ext. 2962

To provide leadership training and learning opportunities through hands-on activities for Waubonsee students involved in the Science, Technology, Egnineering, and Mathematics fields, as well as, to bring students together with peers who share common interests and a drive to succeed in their academic careers, helping them develop lasting connections that will benefit members as they crossover into their professional careers. 
Club Email:
Dr. Pratima Jindal, WGL 118, ext. 2457
Alfred Weiss, SCI 232, ext. 2720

Waubonsee Student Education Association (Associated with NEA & IEA)
The WSEA facilitates pre-professional training and provides members with opportunities for developing personal growth and professional competence.
Kathleen Randall, BDE 247, ext. 2794
Amy Frankel, BDE 229, ext. 2554
Maribeth Brown, BDE 122, ext. 5741

Waubonsee Student Nurses Association (Associated with NSNA)
The association provides an outlet to the professional world of nursing while forming mentorship among nursing students that will carry on into the profession. 
Tracy Limbrunner, WGL 230, ext. 2468
Sharon Erickson, WGL 223, ext. 2466

Students for a Diverse Society (SDS)
This organization works to dispel misinformation about and create dialogue among diverse peoples, cultures, and societies. 
Vaseliki (Vicky) Archos, BDE 111, ext. 6696
Billy Clem, BDE 121, ext. 2388

Students Organizing Sustainability (S.O.S.)
S.O.S promotes sustainability issues to Waubonsee students, faculty, staff and the community through a variety of campus activities.
**Sponsors various "green" events on campus, including an Earth Day event
Danielle DuCharme, SCI 116, ext. 2345
David Voorhees, SCI 230, ext. 2783

Volunteers who C.A.R.E.
Volunteers who C.A.R.E. provides opportunities for students to plan and/or attend service events within our community. Our mission is to create volunteer opportunities within the Waubonsee Community College district that offers students a chance to give back and create a better world. Member select the causes and non-profits that we work with each semester and promote and execute events. Any student is welcome to simply attend an event or join the organization to both attend and assist in the planning.
Meg Junk, STC 126, ext. 6608

Waubonsee Veterans Club/SALUTE
The Veterans Club serves to connect student veterans on campus and to provide opportunities for camaraderie between individuals with similar backgrounds and experiences. The group also serves as a peer network.
**Sponsors a chapter of SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society for members
**Assists with college Veterans Day event
**Sponsors veterans meetings and social gatherings
Heather Watson, STC 278, ext. 2091

Womyn For Womyn Alliance
Womyn for Womyn Alliance stands for creating community to explore issues, create connections and promote understanding on women's and gender issues and women's achievements. We seek to bring programs and events related to the role of gender in students' lives, well-being and relationships and keeping the pulse for what is of most interest and need by the group of students. 
Prof. Kathy Westman, APC 285, ext. 2557

Student Organizations that have been active in the past semester and are looking for student leaders are:

Criminal Justice Club
The organization promotes education and creates an atmosphere to discuss issues in the field of criminal justice and law enforcement. 
**Demonstrations by local law enforcement and FBI
**Has a police department patch dispaly in Bodie Hall
**Provides supplies for members of armed forces 
Group Email:
Patrick Rolison, BDE 127, ext. 2553

One Stitch at a Time
The goal of One Stitch at a Time is to share the knowledge and skills of yarn crafts and to donate completed projects to organizations in the community. The motto is: Spreading smiles one stitch at a time. 
**Nursing home projects: gifts of lap blankets, walker and wheelchair bags
**Hospital projects: hats for chemotherapy patients and newborns
Julie Peck, STC 239, ext. 2969

Waubonsee Community College Student Chapter of Fox Valley Association for the Education of Young Children (Associated with NAEYC)
This group gives early childhood majors the opportunity to extend their classroom knowledge to their field of study. 
Linda O'Connell-Knuth, APC 278, ext. 6698

Please contact Student Life ext. 2369 or the Advisor listed for more information.