"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way." — John C Maxwell

Leadership opportunities can be found in any area of Student Life. Whether you become a student organization officer, join an honor society, lead through service at a service day event, or become a senator and advocate for the student body- leadership experiences and lessons can be found everywhere. In addition, Student Life also offers a variety of leadership specific prorgams.

Leadership Programs

Waubonsee Leadership Development Program (WLDP)

The very first WLDP will launch in fall 2016. This is a year-long commitment that is a comprehensive opportunity for students to explore leadership and how to implement leadership into their daily lives. The program has limited openings; applications will be available on the first day of classes. Participants must be available on Thursdays from 3:30- 6 p.m. for the entire 2016-2017 academic year. 

Participants will move through the program as a cohort and must attend all components in order to complete the program. Components of WLDP include:

  • Orientation
    • September 15 or September 22
  • Workshops
    • October 6, October 20, November 3, February2, March 2
  • Service Hours
    • October 15 or April 8
  • Additional Leadership Experience
    • Times and dates dependent upon chosen activities
  • Career Services
    • Scheduled on an individual basis
  • Group Project/ Presentation
    • Kick off meeting: February 16
    • Check-in meeting: March 30
    • Presentations: April 13
  • Leadership Awards and Graduation Cords
    • April 27

Download the WLDP Application. Applications are due September 9. You can email them to Meg Junk at mjunk@waubonsee.edu or bring them into Student Life, STC 126.

Why Leadership? Why Now?

While demanding, this program offers a genuine experience that will carry you into the rest of your personal life. Skills learned through WLDP can be applied in the classroom, at work, even with family and freiends in every day settings. We will set you up for maximizing your leadership potential in a way that can be applied to any area of your life. 

For more information, or to be placed on a list of students who will receive the registration via email when it is available, contact Meg Junk at mjunk@waubonsee.edu 

Leadership Summit

Each semester, a one-day leadership summit is held, often featuring a keynote with various sessions or workshops for students to attend.
The fall 206 date is Saturday, October 8, exact times tbd. 

To register for this event, email Student Life at StudentLife@Waubonsee.edu


The National Society for Leadership and Success hosts various speakers each semester with several re-broadcast dates. The events are open to any student who wants to take the opportunity to listen to leadership lessons, stories, inspirations, etc. The primary dates are listed below. Speaker identities and rebroadcast dates will be published later this summer. 

October 4
NSLS Live Speaker Broadcast - Dolvett Quince
6 p.m., BDE 150

October 12
NSLS Speaker Rebroadcast - Dolvett Quince
1 p.m., APC 120 
2:45 p.m., DWNTN 160A

October 13
NSLS Speaker Rebroadcast - Dolvett Quince
3 p.m., BDE 150

October 18
NSLS Live Speaker Broadcast - Leigh Anne Tuohy
6 p.m., APC 110 

October 26

NSLS Speaker Rebroadcast - Leigh Anne Tuohy 
1 p.m., APC 120 
2:45 p.m., DWNTN 244

October 27
NSLS Speaker Rebroadcast - Leigh Anne Tuohy
3 p.m., BDE 150

November 9
NSLS Live Speaker Broadcast - Andy Cohen
6 p.m., APC 110 

November 17
NSLS Speaker Rebroadcast - Andy Cohen
1 p.m., APC 110
2:45 p.m., DWNTN 244

November 18
NSLS Speaker Rebroadcast - Andy Cohen
10 a.m., APC 110