About the Student XCARD

Carry an XCARD for quick access to your nine-character X-number for the library, WiFi, mywcc and other Waubonsee systems and services.

XCARD illustration

Common Questions:

Q: What is a student XCARD?
A: An XCARD is a card for Waubonsee Community College students, featuring your picture, name and X-number. Your X-number is both printed on the card as well as encoded in the magnetic strip and bar code of the card.

Q: What does an XCARD do for me?
A: It is a way to keep your X-number handy when you need it. Use the card to easily communicate your X-number at various campus offices without the need to memorize it or verbally state it aloud. And with new XCASH functionality, you can load money onto your XCARD and use it to buy food at campus cafés or merchandise at the bookstore.   

Q: How do I get an XCARD?
A: Bring your X-number and one of the following photo IDs (driver's license, state ID, passport, or consular ID) to the bookstore at either Sugar Grove Campus or Aurora Downtown Campus during regular hours. Additionally, the library at the Sugar Grove Campus can issue XCARDS during regular hours. New students will have an opportunity to get an XCARD when attending a New Student Orientation session. If you do not have an X-number, contact the Admissions Office.

Q: What will an XCARD cost me?
A: There is no cost for a student’s first XCARD. However, a $10 fee will be charged at the bookstore to replace a lost or stolen card.

Q: What is XCASH?
A: XCASH refers to any money you have added to your card using the online XCASH Deposit Center and/or on-campus Cash Kiosk. More convenient than actual cash, XCASH can be used at Waubonsee's campus cafés, bookstores and select vending machines.   

Q: Where do I go to get a replacement card?
A: The bookstore at Sugar Grove Campus or Aurora Downtown Campus will issue a new card for a fee (see above).

Q: What if I have questions about my XCARD?
A: You may contact XCARD Services by calling toll-free (888) 406-7057.

Q: How do I report a lost or stolen card?
A: If you have lost your XCARD, report it immediately to XCARD Services by calling toll-free (888) 406-7057. Found cards should be returned to the information desk at any of Waubonsee's four conveniently located campuses.

Q: What if my personal information has changed?
A: Be sure to keep your name, address and phone number up-to-date with Registration and Records. This helps to ensure you will receive important communcations from Waubonsee about your XCARD, your classes, financial aid, billing and more.

Terms and Conditions:

Each XCARD remains the property of Waubonsee Community College and is not transferable. Check back for updates as new functionality is added. Terms and conditions may change without notice.