Recording Credit at Waubonsee

Everyone wants to get the credit they deserve, and at Waubonsee, we try to make that as easy as we can. Listed below are several ways to get some college credit recorded before you even take a class here.

Credits Earned at Other Colleges/Universitites
Students looking to bring college credit to Waubonsee with them should follow the same enrollment procedures as all new students. However, they must also submit an official transcript and complete the Transcript Evaluation Request Form process to see which courses Waubonsee will accept.

Armed Forces Experience
Veterans may be granted up to 4 semester hours for physical educational activity courses and/or personal wellness. Application forms for armed forces credit are available at Financial Aid, Registration and Records, and Counseling.

College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
Waubonsee's Center for Learning Assessment administers 30 CLEP exams, and the college awards credit for qualifying scores on 27 of them. After sending your official CLEP score to Waubonsee, follow up with Registration and Records to make sure the credit is recorded. A recording fee of $10 per credit hour applies.

Advanced Placement (AP) Credit
Students should arrange to have their Advanced Placement exam records sent to Waubonsee. A recording fee of $10 per credit hour applies.

VALEES Articulated Credit
Area high school students who complete certain technical/career training courses may be eligible for credit and/or advanced placement at Waubonsee through an agreement with the Valley Education for Employment System (VALEES). The VALEES website includes a complete list of eligible courses and their Waubonsee equivalents.

Students should consult their high school counselor or a Waubonsee counselor to get the proper paperwork. They'll also need to submit an official high school transcript, and a recording fee of $10 per credit hour applies. For other rules and details, see the "Career Connections" section of the college catalog.


Registration and Records
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