Personal Training

Make Fitness Fun!

Make Fitness Fun!

Total Fitness Center members can receive a personalized exercise program based on the results of a complete fitness assessment. Fitness center trainers measure blood pressure, flexibility, muscular endurance, strength, cardiovascular efficiency and body composition and use this information in designing your program.

Meet Our Personal Trainers

Our experienced fitness experts are committed to assisting members through all phases of training and are available to monitor your fitness progress, answer your health and exercise-related questions and help you reach your goals.

headshot of Jaye Wilger

Jaye Wilger

"My goal is to help each client find their passion so they can be fit forever."

  • Certification: ACSM Personal Trainer
  • Education: University of Iowa, B.A. in Liberal Studies
  • Specializations: Kettlebell, TRX® and Tabata Bootcamp™

headshot of Gary Henderson

Gary Henderson

"My goal is to inspire others to be the best version of themselves as possible."

  • Certification: NASM Personal Trainer
  • Education: Waubonsee Community College & University of Phoenix, B.A. Business
  • Specializations: Free Weights, Building Strength and Muscle Mass

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