Student Clubs


American Sign Language - Deaf Connection
The organization's purpose is to increase the signing and communication skills of members while developingleadership and personal growth. It also hopes to build rapport with the Deaf community and increase awareness of both interpreting and Deaf culture.

  • Sponsors "Silent" events and workshops for members

Advisors: Cassie Moore, AC 364, ext. 4114
Katie Thomas, AC 365, ext. 2921 
Adam Wasilewski, AC 368, ext. 4117

Art Club

 Art Club provides students with opportunities to creatively express themselves and to take part in artistic cultural experiences.

  • Campus activities and field trips for members

Advisor: Heather Weber, BDE 130, ext. 2873

Black Student Alliance (BSA)
BSA is dedicated to increasing the awareness of African American culture and its contributions to U.S. history.

  • Field trips
  • Hosts African American heritage events

Advisors: Robert Cook, TRiO/Upward Bound Manager, 630-299-8155 
Chassie Sherretz, AC 123, 630-801-7900 
Celia Farrow, STC 280, ext. 6669

Waubonsee Business Club
Business Club provides members with opportunities to gain a better understanding of the business world and provide service to the community.
Advisors: Sowjanya Dharmasankar, APC 282, ext. 2843
Clifford Luxion, APC 284, ext. 2325
Timothy Moriarty, AKL 223, ext. 2565

Ceramics Club
The ceramics group provides activities and speakers to expand
student knowledge of the field.

  • Sponsors visiting artist events
  • Spring and fall ceramics sales
  • Field trips to SOFA and museums 

Advisor: Doug Jeppesen, CER 104, ext. 2505

Christian Fellowship
This spiritual group provides students with a way of knowing God through Biblical training, fellowship and activities.

  • Social events for members
  • Sponsors Bible studies

Advisor: John Bitterman, BDE 201, ext. 2269

Creative Writing Club 
The group is Waubonsee's creative writing group. They typically meet twice weekly to share and workshop writing together. Creative writers in all genres — from poetry, fiction, non-fiction, drama, lyrics and all other types of writing — are welcome to join this group. Members are friendly and committed to improving each other's writing. ACE is also the feeder group from which editors and volunteers to Horizons, Waubonsee's literary magazine, are taken.
Advisors: Todd Laufenberg, BDE 129, ext. 2748
Daniel Portincaso, BDE 111, ext. 6695

Criminal Justice Club
The organization promotes education and creates an atmosphere to discuss issues in the field of criminal justice and law enforcement.

  • Demonstrations by local law enforcement and FBI
  • Has a police department patch display in Bodie Hall
  • Provides supplies for members of armed forces

Advisor: Patrick Rolison, BDE 127, ext. 2553 
Contact the group at:

Delta Sigma Omicron
Membership is open to all students with an interest in advocating on behalf of or working with individuals with disabilities.
Advisors: Lenice Abbott, BDE 119, ext. 2546
Lisa Egner, STC 201E, ext. 2482

Waubonsee Community College Film Society
This group provides an outlet for intellectual discussion about, as well as exposure to, quality films.
Advisor: Michael O’Gorman, APC 222, ext. 2266

Future Healthcare Providers Club 
The club's goal is to promote the field of medicine, encourage community service, provide resources and ehance career opportunities within the healthcare field.  All interested students are welcome.

Advisors: Tracey Dosch, SCI 118, ext. 2948 
Dr. Nancy Christensen, SCI 224, ext. 2472

History Club

The Waubonsee History Club promotes the field of history, encourages community service and civic responsibility, and enhances career opportunities for their membership.

Advisors: Dr. Timothy Draper, APC 271, ext. 2556 
Dr. Amy Powers, APC 262, ext. 2271

Waubonsee HVAC Club
The mission of the group is to promote quality HVAC field experiences,practices and customer relations for Waubonsee students in the HVAC field of study.
Advisor: Jeffrey Hess, AKL 237, ext. 5762

Latinos Unidos
The organization provides cultural opportunities for students and fosters awareness of the richness of Latino culture. All students are welcome.
Advisors: Erika Iniguez, STC 254, ext. 2955
Rosaura Carbajal-Romo, STC 264, ext. 6668

Mathematical-Engineering Club (MEC)
The goal of MEC is to promote a practical culture of mathematics and science (engineering) through various activities geared toward the mastery of technical skills.
Advisors: Mark Crawford, BDE 233, ext. 2895
Christopher Cunningham, BDE 233, ext. 6818

Movie Makers Inc.
This film production club is for students who are interested in all aspects of film creation regardless of their major. The group's goal is member collaboration to create various forms of video media.
Advisor: John Bitterman, BDE 201, ext. 2269

One Stitch at a Time
The goal of One Stitch at a Time is to share the knowledge and skills of yarn crafts and to donate completed projects to organizations in the community. The motto is: Spreading smiles one stitch at a time.

  • Nursing home projects: gifts of lap blankets, walker and wheelchair bags
  • Hospital projects: Hats for chemotherapy patients and newborns

Advisors: Paula Bender, STC 275, ext. 2371
Dr. Nancy Christensen, SCI 224, ext. 2472
Julie Peck, STC 239, ext. 2969

Otaku Gamers Society
The gamers group offers a venue for game enthusiasts to gather and discuss gaming and related issues. They host regular game nights throughout the year. Contact the advisor for dates and times.
Advisor: Open

People for Peace (P4P) 
People for Peace is dedicated to the establishment of peace at Waubonsee and in the world.  They work to cultivate peace and promote peace and social justice issues/theory within our college community and within the broader world. The motto is: Peace for everyone, everywhere through compassion and understanding. 
Advisor: Ellen Lindeen, BDE 221, ext. 2998

Performing Arts Collective
PAC is a group of students who wish to network with other musicians, share their abilities, and expand their knowledge of the music industry and music as an art form.

  • Provides performance opportunities for members

Advisor: Mark Popowitch, VON 227, ext. 6634

To promote the ability to think among other people and assist in society in achieving enlightenment.

The goal of Spectrum is to encourage acceptance and tolerance within the diverse population of our school; create a safe environment for all students; and break down gender stereotypes of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered youth, as well as students who are questioning their sexuality.

  • Sponsors events marking World AIDS Day, Coming Out Day and Day of Silence
  • Fundraising for compatible community social action groups
  • Field and conference trips

Advisor: Billy Clem, BDE 114, ext. 2388

Stage Performers, Etc.
This club promotes any and all aspects of theatre at WCC.

  • Performs short plays/skits at local schools
  • Field trips to theater-related events in area

Advisor: Open

Waubonsee Health Information Technology Student Association 
Membership is open to all Waubonsee students who are interested in health information technology.

Waubonsee Student Education Association (Associated with NEA & IEA)
The WSEA facilitates pre-professional training and provides members with opportunities for developing personal growth and professional competence.
Advisors: Kathleen Randall, BDE 247, ext. 2794
Amy Del Medico, BDE 229, ext. 2554
Maribeth Brown, BDE 122, ext. 5741
Ellen Field, BDE 131, ext. 2851

Waubonsee Student Nurses Association (Associated with NSNA)
The association provides an outlet to the professional world of nursing while forming mentorship among nursing students that will carry on into the profession. 
Advisors: Jerri Wills, WGL 235, ext. 2871

Students for a Diverse Society (SDS)
This organization seeks to establish communications among students about issues, cultures and societies.
Advisor: Vaseliki (Vicky) Archos, BDE 111, ext. 6696

Students Organizing Sustainability (S.O.S.)
S.O.S promotes sustainability issues to Waubonsee students, faculty, staff and the community through a variety of campus activities.

  • Sponsors various "green" events on campus, including an Earth Day event

Advisors: Danielle DuCharme, SCI 116, ext. 2345
David Voorhees, SCI 230, ext. 2783

Waubonsee Community College Student Chapter of Fox Valley Association for the Education of Young Children (Associated with NAEYC )
This group gives early childhood majors the opportunity to extend their classroom knowledge to their field of study.
Advisor: Linda O’Connell-Knuth, APC 278, ext. 6698

Waubonsee Veterans Club/SALUTE
The Veterans Club serves to connect student veterans on campus and to provide opportunities for camaraderie between individuals with similar backgrounds and experiences. The group also serves as a peer network.

  • Sponsors a chapter of SALUTE Veterans National Honor Society
  • Assists with college Veterans Day event
  • Sponsors weekly veterans social gatherings

Advisors: Heather Watson, STC 278, ext. 2091
Thomas Pulver, BDE 121, ext. 5718

Womyn For Womyn Alliance
Womyn for Womyn’s purpose is to educate students and make women’s issues more visible on campus, as well as making resources available to students.

  • Sponsors speakers
  • Produces the "Vagina Monologues"

Advisor: Kathy Westman, APC 285, ext. 2557

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