Academic Teams

SkillsUSA student participant

College Bowl
This "varsity sport of the mind" is a team question and answer game of general knowledge and quick recall. There are usually tournaments in the fall and spring. Contact the coaches about tournaments and try-outs.
Keith Bickley, VON 118, ext. 2946
Amy Del Medico, BDE 229, ext. 2554
Dan Ward, SCI 122, ext. 2945

Ethics Bowl
Each fall teams of four students compete to provide the best responses to ethical cases. Responses are judged by a panel of up to seven community members. First and second place teams receive awards.
Contact People:
Scott Hollenback, APC 265, ext. 2273
Todd Laufenberg, BDE 129, ext. 2748

Model Illinois Government (MIG)
Each spring the Waubonsee delegation trains for the annual statewide simulation of the Illinois General Assembly, learning about the legislative process, lobbying tactics and parliamentary procedure. Yearly fee required to participate.
Richard Kiefer, APC 273, ext. 2329

SkillsUSA is a national organization. It serves students preparing for careers in vocational/technical fields. The organization hosts regional, state and national competitions giving students opportunities to demonstrate their skills. Waubonsee students compete in automotive service technology; auto body repair; early childhood education; and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). Yearly membership fee required. Competitions may require some student financial contribution.
Carla Ahmann, BDE 252, ext. 2311
Jeffrey Hess, AKL 237, ext. 5762
Ken Kunz, AKL 100, ext. 2331
Andrew MacDonald, AB 105, ext. 2550