Your memories can build our future.

Danielle Ebersole and her son pose near a poster honoring her inclusion in Waubonsee's Fab 40.
Waubonsee honored 40 of our outstanding alumni, including Danielle Ebersole seen here, to help mark the college's 40th anniversary in 2006.

We are your Waubonsee. Every student that studied with us, however long ago, remains a part of this institution and its tradition of excellence — and there's no better way to stay connected to your Waubonsee roots than checking in here or with your fellow alumni on our Waubonsee alumni Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Learn about donor opportunities or read the latest news about other successful Waubonsee graduates through our Featured Alumni profiles.

Each year, Waubonsee names its Distinguished Alumnus. Nominations are now being taken for our 2014 Distinguished Alumnus award. Alumni are also honored through the college's Athletic Hall of Fame.

A supportive relationship
Show your support for your alma mater by picking up a sweatshirt at our Bookstore or helping raise money for scholarships by participating in our annual Golf Outing. And we're still happy to support you in any way we can, whether it be assisting you in your job search through our Career Services department or providing an official transcript of your studies here. Unofficial transcripts are available through the mywcc portal, which you can access using your student ID/X-number.  

Waubonsee students are still having a blast, so why not join them? Discover the many entertainment options available on campus, including athletics, theater productions and other events.