AQIP Systems Portfolio

If you're looking for detailed information on Waubonsee's quality improvement processes, you'll find it in the AQIP Systems Portfolio.

The AQIP Systems Portfolio tells a story of Waubonsee's commitment to its students, its faculty and staff, its community, its quality journey, and its participation in Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP). This foundational document serves multiple purposes:

  • demonstrating the college's commitment to accreditation under AQIP and to the quality improvement process
  • serving as a means to obtain actionable feedback on organizational strengths and opportunities from a team of quality improvement experts and educators
  • serving as a body of evidence to show that the college is meeting the HLC Criteria for Accreditation and that over time AQIP is working to the college's advantage
  • serving as a planning tool that helps the college shape its future agenda and concentrate attention on those areas that should be the focus of improvement
  • providing public information that helps college stakeholders to understand how the college is organized, what our processes are, what kind of performance those processes produce and how the college improves
  • providing public information about what is being accomplished with college resources

Waubonsee's AQIP Systems Portfolio:

2015 AQIP Systems Portfolio

Waubonsee's 2011 AQIP Systems Portfolio is also available for download.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report/College Budget:

The college's Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and college budget are referenced in the Systems Portfolio and provide additional financial information about the college, including the report from the independent financial audit: