Waubonsee has everything you want in a college — and then some!

One-of-a-kind! Did you know that Waubonsee is the only two-year college in the state with a fifth-century style Japanese Anagama kiln?
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Waubonsee has everything you want in a college — and then some!

When you ask our students why they chose Waubonsee, every answer points in the same direction: a quality education. Whether it’s our flagship degree and certificate programs or our lifelong learning courses, Waubonsee students know a good thing when they see it.

When it comes to quality, three things set Waubonsee apart from the rest: our people, our places and our programs, all of which are guided and governed by the college's Transformational Plan (pdf).

Our People: Your partners in learning.

First and foremost, Waubonsee loves to teach. We take pride in our knowledgeable, diverse faculty mentors — all of whom are field experts firmly committed to providing a top education for every student. With a faculty to student ratio of only 23 to 1, students thrive with personalized lessons from attentive, accessible professors who bring real-world experience into the classroom. Waubonsee courses strive to stay current, creative and community-oriented, with progressive curricula based on on-trend topics. Plus, our friendly, committed staff and administrators always put student needs first.

In fact, Waubonsee has a whole group of faculty, staff and administrators who get together regularly to talk about quality improvement and institutional effectiveness. This "Quality Team" helps lead the way on the college's constant quality journey, which is highlighted by the Academic Quality Improvement Program (AQIP) method of accreditation and our membership in the Continuous Quality Improvement Network (CQIN).

Our Places: Growing something great.

At Waubonsee, we’ve been busy getting bigger…and better! To meet the needs of a growing student population, we have been implementing our 2020 College Master Plan. Our ever-expanding campus network covers Sugar Grove, Aurora Downtown, Aurora Fox Valley and Plano and features new buildings, modern facilities and sustainable learning opportunities to enrich your college experience and speed your success.

Our Programs: Designed to fit every lifestyle.

Life is hectic in the 21st century, which can push your career goals to the sidelines. Thankfully, Waubonsee has engineered several solutions to put your education front and center. After more than 40 years’ experience developing the ideal college for our community, we’re known throughout the state for the depth and breadth of programs, services and resources available to students. Whether you’re attending courses on campus at one of our convenient locations or studying on a flexible schedule via online courses, Waubonsee offers academic and career programs that are challenging, accessible and affordable.