Sustainability is more than just a buzz word at Waubonsee. We are committed to providing access to sustainability through programming, education, outreach and development opportunities to students, staff, faculty and the local community.

Man in costume made of plastic bags talks to three students.
The "Bag Monster" visits with students during Earth Week. Created by California-based company ChicoBag, the costume is made up of 500 plastic bags, the number an average consumer uses in a year.

Since its founding, Waubonsee Community College has had a natural connection to the environment thanks to its unique location that includes wetlands, prairie and oak savanna. Since that time significant efforts have been made to consider the health of the local and global environment in the campus’ daily operations. 

Sustainability is integrated into a wide variety of disciplines, giving students a distinct advantage as they help businesses develop new strategies and procedures, expand profits, and enter new markets.


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