Sustainability Coursework

Whether you want to make sustainability a career or just part of your broader studies, Waubonsee has the course or program for you. 

A wind turbine can be seen in the background as a stone column with Waubonsee's college logo can be seen in the foreground.
Waubonsee installed a wind turbine on its Sugar Grove Campus in 2012.

Renewable Energy Technologies
Consider earning a certificate in our Renewable Energy Technologies discipline. Systems that harness the power of natural resources, like sunlight and the heat of the earth’s core, are growing in popularity, and workers are needed to sell, install and repair them.

Waubonsee offers two Certificates of Achievement in the photovoltaic field, which is the science of using sunlight to generate electricity. Students in the one-course Geothermal Basics Certificate of Achievement will learn about systems that use heat from the earth’s core to regulate the temperature of homes and offices, while the four-course Small Wind Certificate of Achievement focuses on the use of that natural resource. All coursework in this department is aligned with the standards of the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP).

Building Performance Institute (BPI)
While Renewable Energy Technologies is a credit program designed to create energy, the noncredit BPI certification courses focus on conserving and reducing energy. Take these courses and learn how to evaluate and improve the energy efficiency of residential buildings. Workforce Development also offers several other noncredit sustainability courses and programs.

Automotive Recycling
The first of its kind in the nation, this certificate develops dismantling, parts grading and quality control skills.  

Sustainability Courses
If you're simply interested in sustainability in the context of your broader studies, consider taking a course in our sustainability discipline.