Alternative Transportation

Ride your bike, walk, carpool or take public transportation to campus!

Pack the Rack
Bike racks are conveniently located in key locations throughout Waubonsee campuses. Plus, our Sugar Grove Campus is conveniently nestled near the Virgil Gilman Trail. Riding your bike instead of driving can save you money and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. Ride your bike and help us Pack the Rack. Remember to follow bike safety rules. Also, be sure to securely lock your bike to one of the on-campus bike racks provided. Waubonsee Community College is not responsible for damaged or stolen bikes or injury incurred while riding your bike.

Consider Carpooling
If walking or riding your bike to campus is not an option, you can still reduce the environmental impact of your commute by carpooling! Carpooling even one day a week can make positive impacts. Find someone who lives near you and has a relatively similar schedule, and try to carpool a few times a week.

Waubonsee Community College is not responsible for personal injury, loss, property damage or other liability incurred as a result carpooling. Any and all personal injury, loss, property damage or any other liability shall be the personal responsibility of the individual and shall in no way be the responsibility of Waubonsee or any of its employees, board members, agents, officials or any person or entity affiliated with the College.

Public Transportation
Our Aurora Downtown and Aurora Fox Valley Campuses are served by PACE bus, while Kendall County residents can use Kendall Area Transit (KAT) to get to any of our four campuses. Visit our specific campus pages for more information.