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Solar Panels

Funded by the Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation, the 5 kilowatt solar array was installed at Waubonsee’s Sugar Grove Campus in fall 2010. The installation was completed by a local NABCEP Certified installer.

View across Lake Huntoon on a fall day with Weigel Hall and solar panel array.
Waubonsee's solar array sits between Akerlow and Weigel Halls on the north side of the Sugar Grove Campus.

This solar array supplies power to Weigel Hall on the Sugar Grove Campus. Current and historical solar array performance is available for viewing and interpretation.

Renewable Energy Technologies students perform annual maintenance and semi-annual positioning of the array to achieve maximum electrical output.  This installation is representative of a ground-mounted installation that future installers may encounter in the workforce.

This array is situated to the southwest corner of Weigel Hall near Lake Huntoon on the Sugar Grove Campus. All interested parties are welcome to visit the site. Should you have additional questions about this array or the Renewable Energy Technologies program, please contact Gregg Erickson, RET Instructor at (630) 466-7900, ext. 2776.