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Rules and Regulations

  1. The Motivate to Complete contest is open to current credit or noncredit students at Waubonsee Community College. Student X-numbers must be provided on the Official Entry Form. 
  2. Entries may be submitted by individuals or by teams of up to four. For entries submitted by teams, winners can choose to have prize money awarded in equal amounts to each team member, or in a lump sum to one individual. In the case of a lump sum payment to an individual, teams are responsible for distribution of the prize money.
  3. Entries must be the original work of the entrants and may not include copyrighted material unless the participant has written permission from the copyright owner(s). Violations will result in disqualification. (NOTE: Getting permission to use copyrighted materials may be costly and difficult. Consider visiting a copyright free music library or similar sources instead. A few of these are listed in the Resources and Research section of this website.)
  4. Entrants are urged to take all necessary precautions when creating their contest entries—especially when creating video recordings. Contest entrants are warned NOT to put themselves or anyone else at risk when creating their entries.   
  5. It should go without saying, but entries of any format must not contain material that is obscene, hateful, defamatory, slanderous or libelous; nor contain material that promotes bigotry, racism, hatred or harm against any group or individual.  
  6. Contest entries that show situations in which laws are being broken will be automatically disqualified. Contest participants are held responsible for their choices and the consequences thereof when creating entries for the Motivate to Complete. 
  7. Entries in Motivate to Complete will become the property of Waubonsee Community College and may be shared with other WCC students in a variety of media.  
  8. Contest entrants are not required to have accounts with any specific social media platform to participate. In the written description that accompanies the finished product, entrants will describe how and when a chosen social media platform would be used.
  9. Prize money will be awarded to the three entries judged to be the Most inspirational. (See Judging and Prizes for specifics). Prizes will be awarded in the following amounts: First Place: $500, Second Place: $350, Third Place: $200. Teams may have prize money awarded in equal amounts to each team member or as a lump sum to one individual. Prize money is provided by The Dunham Fund—an Aurora-based organization that supports creativity in training and education.  
  10. Contest winners will be required to fill-out the appropriate tax documents as required by law prior to receiving their monetary awards.  
  11. Three finalists will be announced by April 21, 2015. First, second, and third place winners will be announced at the Motivate to Complete Awards Ceremony, date TBA. Prize money will be awarded within one week after the Awards Ceremony.
  12. A student or team of students may submit more than one entry. Each entry must be accompanied by a completed Official Entry Form. 
  13. Entries may be submitted in a variety of ways: portable data storage devices, DVDs, CDs, art boards/posters, etc. Videos must be in .AVI, .MOV or Quick Time format.  
  14. For the spring 2015 competition, no electronic submission of entries will be available.  All entries must be submitted directly to the Contest Coordinator Larry Modaff, Professor of Communications, Bodie Hall 203, by Friday, April 11, 2015.   


Larry Modaff
Professor of Communications
Sugar Grove, Bodie 203
(630) 466-2390