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Resources and Research

The following resources may be used for data and other information related to college completion. You are invited but not required to use these resources.   

Complete College America: Excellent resource for national data as well as perspectives on the challenges faced by today’s college students. The stated mission of this organization is to “help states produce more graduates.” 

Phi Theta Kappa’s “Top Ten Reasons to Complete a Community College Credential”: A thought-provoking document that describes some obvious and some not so obvious reasons for attaining a college degree. Phi Theta Kappa is the national honors society for community college students. Among many other activities, this group organizes and promotes “Completion Week” activities at community colleges across the country.  

Results of “College Completion” Survey: In November 2014 more than 500 Waubonsee students took a 10-question survey on college completion. These results should give you a glimpse into the goals and motivations of a cross section of WCC students. 

Copyright free music and images: Can be helpful for audio, video, and graphic design.