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The Definition of "Mixed Media"

The term “mixed media” is an invitation to all forms of creativity with message design and delivery. Contest entries can take whatever form you choose. For example, entries could be any one or a combination of the following:

  • original songs, poems, or short stories
  • video or audio recordings  
  • an original comedy routine, an original speech or satirical/comedic commentary, or a series of periodic “tweets,” “snaps,” or text messages 
  • an economic or statistical model on the benefits of completion
  • graphic designs such as posters, billboards, websites, or traditional-sized print advertisements for hallway or classroom bulletin boards
  • physical objects or “branded” items (for example clothing, coffee cups, calendars, cars!)

Styles and formats of your own design are welcome as well. Regardless of the medium or style, entries should inspire community college students to complete a degree, certificate and/or attain their own educational goals.