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Contest Background

The “Community College Completion Challenge”
In 2010, five national organizations signed the “Community College Completion Challenge.” The group of signers is known as the Community College Completion Corp. The goal of The Challenge was to inspire all college administrators, students, and faculty to work more collectively toward a “culture of completion.”   

A national goal of “60 by 2025” has been adopted by each group in the Corp. “60 by 2025” will be accomplished if, by the year 2025, 60% of the adult population in the United States has attained a high quality college credential. Although it varies state-to-state, currently about 40% of the adult population in the U.S. has a college credential.  

A bit more background… 
“The demand for workers with a college education is growing faster than the supply of graduates. By 2018, we will have produced 3 million fewer college graduates than the labor market demands.  President Obama has set a national goal to produce 8 million more graduates by 2020 in order to make the United States the world leader in college attainment.”  (Carnevale, Smith and Strohl. Center on Education and the Workforce, Georgetown University, 2010.).

Challenges of the Contest 
For now, let’s not worry about 2020 or 2025! Those long-term collective goals start with YOU accomplishing your own goal. Anyone who’s attained a college degree knows the motivation and persistence needed to do so. Motivate to Complete challenges you to:

  • be inquisitive, observant, analytical and creative
  • identify the things that help you and other students stay motivated
  • capture those motivations and share them with others

One cool thing about motivation is its mystery. What motivates one student could be a total bore to another. A slogan or catch-phrase that is ho-hum to some might be the idea that someone else never forgets. As you create your messages and media choices, try to “cast a wide net” and capture the eyes, ears, minds and heart of as many students as possible. Good luck in the contest!