Archive Center

Preserving the history and institutional memory of Waubonsee Community College.

Currently, the Archives is undergoing initial organization.  Look for regular updates.


The Waubonsee Community College Archive Center honors the spirit, history, and culture of the college by recognizing the past, acknowledging the present, and informing the future.


The Waubonsee Community College Archive Center provides diverse and dynamic collections and services that document and preserve the historic memory of the college and enrich and support the educational and lifelong learning goals of the Waubonsee Community College students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community members.  The college core values of accessibility, service, value, quality, and innovation create the framework that sustains and embodies the Archive Center’s commitments to the college community:

  • to procure, preserve, and organize historical resources in a variety of formats that illustrate the broad experiences, the varied perspectives, and the educational, intellectual, social, and material culture that have shaped and defined the college;
  • to elucidate the role played by the college within the larger contexts of higher education and the local communities;
  • to provide guidance and expertise in the use of archival resources.

Contact Info.

The Library-Archivist can be contacted via phone at (630) 466-7900 ex. 6639.  Visit the Todd Library page.