Scenic Images

This set of images highlights the natural beauty of the Sugar Grove Campus, including Lake Huntoon, the wetland restoration area, and nature trail, as well as the trees and flowers around the campus.
Bushes bloom on the shore of Lake Huntoon.  Dickson Center is in the background.A flock of geese on Lake Huntoon during mid-fall.Ice undergoing the early spring thaw, evidenced by the blue ice around the shore, in a pond on campus.  Most likely this is not Lake Huntoon.Cattails and trees during winter in the wetlands on the east side of the campus.A bird's nest in a small tree on campus.  A view of a meadow, most likely on the southeast end of the campus.A shot from under a grove of oak trees on campus, probably during early fall.Submerged brush in Lake Huntoon's southwest corner.  The lake was expanded during the construction of the Student Center in 2008-2009.The snow covered shores and bare trees around Lake Huntoon during winter.A view across Lake Huntoon through the cattails from the east shore.  A car on Rt. 47 can be seen in the distance.Brush around Lake Huntoon viewed from the northwest.  The temporary buildings erected prior to the permanent facilities were just beyond the grove of trees in the distance.A night photograph showing a bright full moon over a snow covered field with trees against the skyline.  Lake Huntoon is in the distance on the right, with Collins Hall barely visible to at center.An early photograph of Lake Huntoon in winter.  Note the mound of dirt along the far shore from campus construction.A grow of trees in early autumn, probably on the west side of the campus.A view through brush of Lake Huntoon and Collins Hall in the distance. A version of this shot was used for the cover of the 1973-1974 Course Catalog.A tree in bloom during spring, probably on the east side of campus.A tree blossoming on the left, with the corner of Lake Huntoon on the right and the newly constructed Dickson Center in the background.Daisies in bloom in the meadow on the southwest side of Lake Huntoon.  Collins Hall is in the background on the right, and Weigel Hall is under construction on the left.This view shows some of the early campus environment with some construction visible.Lake Huntoon with an antique farm implement in the foreground.A view of the natural campus landscape, probably on the east end of campus.A view of the walking path in fall.  Collins Hall is in the background.View of the walking path in fall, with Collins Hall in the left background.


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