Dickson Center

Construction of Dickson Center began in June, 1981 and was completed in December, 1982.  The building originally housed the president’s and vice presidents’ offices, student center, dining hall, bookstore, student activities, community services, admission and records, counseling, financial aid, business offices, board meeting rooms, and computer stations.  The building is approximately 53,800 square feet.  The student center was expanded in 1991-2, and a new separate Student Center was built in 2007, which houses the dining center, student activities, and career services.
A view of the back of the Dickson Center in the spring of 1990.A view of the front entrance to the Dickson Center in the spring of 2007.View of the front entrance of Dickson Center in the fall of 1985.  The building was completed three years previous.The front entrance to the Dickson Center and the flagpoles in the winter of 1987.


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